Joi Cadion

[KJ: KoH] A simple country girl, a roving gypsy, who is dragged into a maze of politics, memories, and ghosts long dead. Her chance resemblence to the Kotheran King Telion Cordracone leaves her on his throne, covering for his absence, while she tries to understand riddles bigger than either of them.


Author: KJ
Race: human
Gender: female
Age: late teens
Date of Birth: November 14
Place of Origin: Watch Hill, in the Autillian mountains
Currently Located: Kothberari Castle
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: golden brown
Eye Color: dark
Occupation: gypsy rover, handyman, jack-of-all-trades, and counterfeit king
Appears In: King of Hearts


Joi is one of the few characters in the Compass who can be safely taken at face value. She grew up in a mountain outpost with her widower father, a veteran of the Red Coast War. She shares his generosity, love of simple things, and intuitive understanding of people. Her early memories are a mix of being frequently ill, and hearing her father's stories of fantastic adventures and legendary heroes. After his death, Joi, then age 12, found a new home in the caravans of her father's gypsy friends.

A fair-haired gypsy girl drew too much attention, however, so with her adoptive grandmother's help, Joi began dressing as a young man— a disguise aided by her height and natural boyishness. (The lack of female influence on her upbringing was also a factor.) As a gypsy, she learned a wide range of tricks and skills. Now she uses those skills to earn herself food and lodging as she wanders across the Compass, content to be a rover, as many young gypsy men do at her age.

Joi's roamings are cut suddenly short when a local highwayman, Tatheran "Tath" Inovar, mistakes her for the young king of Kothera, also known for wandering the countryside in peasant clothes. Tath and his comrades Jehan and Westley capture Joi and attempt to ransom her back to Kothberari Castle. To everyone's surprise, the true king, Telion Cordracone intervenes with his soldiers. Telion sees the advantage in having a doppleganger and takes Joi back to the castle while the bandits retreat.

Telion convinces Joi to pretend to be the king, while he goes to track down another old gypsy friend of his, Cat. As it turns out, Joi makes a far more conscientious king than Telion himself, raising suspicions around the castle. Unable to trust anyone who already knows Telion, she finds a friend in Telion's new guard, Hal "Sky" Cavorne. Joi is constantly under strain of discovery by Telion's advisor, Max Hamilton, who already doesn't seem fond of his king and doesn't like this sudden change of attitude "Telion" is showing. In addition, Joi is concerned by Telion's prolongued absence, and on her own struggles with nightmares of both past and future.

In the middle of all of this, two rovers come to the castle who know "the king's" secret. One is the gypsy Cat, Telion's best friend. The other introduces himself as "Patch"


Joi is a friendly and gentle-hearted person, but very serious. Raised to honor her word and to never let someone else down, she struggles with investing too much of her heart, and puts too much pressure on herself. She keeps her own troubles to herself.

She is largely self-sufficient, and requires only a few close friends and a peaceful life to be happy. She has no tolerance for bullies or self-centeredness. Her desire is to make her father's memory proud of her.

Other Notes

  • She can be easily mistaken for a young man, at a casual glance.
  • She has had horrific nightmares since early childhood, and takes a gypsy remedy to help her sleep.
  • She is a terrible singer.
  • She can read and write, despite being a commoner.
  • She had several dogs growing up, but isn't very good with horses.
  • She wears beaded armbands which her uncle gave her.
  • She keeps her hair in a long braid, until she cuts it to look more manly (when pretending to be Telion.) This causes the real Telion quite a fit, since his own long hair was a tribute to his dead fiancee.


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