Johara is a thief and a trickster, enjoying living a life on the road, doing whatever she wishes. She tries to do what is right but rarely follows the letter of the law. When one first sees her she usually looks like a young man, due to her stature, figure and voice (she has a rough voice from living many years in the harsh desert with little to no shelter)


Author: Raine E. Storms
Race: Human
Gender: Female (appears to be male though)
Age: 21
Date of Birth: May 16th
Place of Origin: A small, unnamed desert town in Manjusha
Currently Located: In jail… again…
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 118 lbs
Hair Color: Sandy brown (mix of many colors, but mostly brown and blonde)
Eye Color: Hazel
Occupation: Thief/ Bounty Hunter/ Wanderer
Nickname(s): Jo
Appears In: Partis Concero Visio


Johara grew up in a desert town with her parents and her older brother. Her brother was a thief, stealing only what their family needed to survive. He was also a registered bounty hunter, his “official” job to keep the family well taken care of. Their parents were both merchants, however a sudden change in the desert had caused them to fall on hard times. Travel became even more dangerous than it had been in the past and food became scarce. Johara begged her older brother (who shared her name) to teach her how to fight, steal, and survive in the desert. He trained her well and was very impressed with her talents. Her parents also taught her how to sew, make pots, whittle, and many other things that could be used for trade. Their life was hard, and simple, but to Johara it was heaven.

One day Johara and her brother went off to a nearby town to steal what they needed for the next week. While they were away a horrible sandstorm swept through their hometown, destroying everything and killing many. Only a handful of the townspeople survived. When they arrived back at their home they found it destroyed and their parents already dead and buried. They gathered what they could from their ravaged home and then left to wander from town to town, doing what they could to survive.

One day a few years later Johara and her brother ran into a group of bandits. They fought with all their might against the bandits, and in the end defeated them, however Johara’s brother had sustained some grievous injuries. They weren’t able to make it to a town in time and he, unfortunately, died. Johara took what she could of her brother’s then gave him as good a burial as she could and headed on her way, to continue to live her life as she see fit. Often she dresses like her brother and fools the world into thinking he’s still alive. By using his identity she often gets herself out of trouble (usually trouble that she created for herself)


Johara tends to be carefree, living her life however she sees fit. She can be devious but for the most part she’s a good person. Johara gets into trouble constantly but always takes every situation with a grain of salt, never putting too much thought into the trouble she’s in (well except for the thought of how to get out of it)

Skills and Abilities

  • Flare: Creates a small flame, not much larger than a candle flame
  • Shimmering Illusion: Creates a small illusion, or a medium sized illusion of simply dancing lights
  • Echoes: Creates strange sounds, sometimes voices, sometimes just noises.
  • Resistance to Poison: (she doesn’t know she has this yet) Weak poisons take no effect, stronger poisons take very little effect, to the point where it’s nearly unnoticeable, and very strong poisons only take some effect (basically feels like a bad cold)
  • Deception: Simply the ability to use natural charisma, combined with small tricks (as above) to deceive people. Used in both her thievery and her escaping from trouble.

Special Items

  • Alachira: Her shamshir, which is her weapon of choice.
  • Throwing Knives: A set of thin, very sharp throwing knives she carries at all times. Sometimes ends up using these as lock picks as well.
  • Amber and Ruby: A set of finely made daggers. These daggers once belonged to her brother. She now carries them and only uses them in desperate situations.

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