Johann Magelline

Giliam's cheerful guard captain, harboring an intense hatred for society and its common wealth.


Author: Aa-chan
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Date of Birth: May 22nd
Place of Origin: Giliam
Currently Located: Giliam
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 142 lbs. (armor off)
Hair Color: Light blond
Eye Color: Dark green
Occupation: Guard Captrain
Nickname(s): Hannes, Low
Appears In: Bottled Epitaph, Aetherium Story


Johann Blaines Magelline is the only child of the knight Cole Magelline, and his wife Lilian. As a child, he was particularly proud of his father's claim to fame as a knight of the Guard, and strived to be like him in every way. Lilian, a merchant's daughter that reveled in healing magic, disproved of her child going after such a "horrendous" occupation, and strived to make him go after something less murderous, such as a scholar, or a astronomer. Johann's passion for knighthood only increased, though, following the death of his father at the hands of the Second Giliam War, and becoming a page to one of his father's best friends afterwards.

As Johann grew older, so did his lust for things high above his reach. At fourteen, he became a Squire, and seventeen, he was able to obtain his knighthood from his father's best friend. It wasn't until Johann was twenty-one when he was inducted as the Guard Captain of Castle Giliam's Knights. He thought he finally had everything until a chance meeting with a woman of Legume descent only heightened his wants even further.Arissa Somael, despite being a woman of his opposed faction, was everything he sought, he realized, and it wasn't long before he asked her for her hand in marriage. Arissa declined at first, but, as he later found out, her sister had a hand in making her eventually accept.

Everything seemed sunshine and roses between Arissa and Johann until the morning that Arissa's foster parent summoned for her. It was sometime afterwards, when Arissa was captured, that he found out that Arissa wasn't the quiet woman she appeared to be (raised to be a killer, apart of an Assassin's Guild, and on Giliam's Bounty list as a member of the Regume Resistance). He forgave her, though, and rescued her from Breigan's wrath.

(In the story, it is also established that Johann rescues a girl by the name of Rynelda, and he and Arissa adopt her as their own.)

Years later, they have a son, Samuel Somael Magelline.


Johann might be vibrant and cheerful, always ready for the night's poker game, or a silly dare by a drunk colleague, but he can also change moods quicker than anything fast. If something upsets him, he's not afraid to show it.

Skills and Abilities

  • Swordsmanship: Johann is every little bit like Arissa in this aspect, though he is also known to carry a shield. He takes pride in his sword skills, claiming they attribute to his steps as a knight.
  • White Magic: Unlike his wife, Johann can cast magic, though its properties are that of healing. So far, he is the only knight that knows of healing spells.

Special Items

  • Nachtkreuz: Johann's sword, (German) for "Night Cross." It is a one-handed sword, which Johann first received upon his induction to knighthood.
  • Gold Band: A golden wedding band, with the word "Love" inscribed inside the ring.
  • Emerald Chalice: A wand with an emerald jewel atop, said to harness the power of green, which is a natural healing element. Given to Johann by his mother, Lilian.

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