Jeran Quin (S-TU)

Jeran Quin is a devoted Angel of Cruxis determined to help bring about the Age of Lifeless Beings no matter the cost.

Author: KitKatt0430
Race: Half-Elf, Angel
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Place of Origin: Ozette, Tethe'alla
Currently Located: Welgaia, Dherris Kharlan
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Occupation: Archangel of Cruxis
Appears In: Coming Soon


Born twenty nine years before the World Reunification, Jeran Quin is the elder twin, with his younger, identical brother being Jonas. The first twenty four years of his life was spent in his hometown of Ozette in the world of Tethe'alla. Being a half-elf, Jeran faced constant prejudice from the humans in Ozette; unlike his brother, Jeran grew bitter as the years went by.

At the age of twenty four, Jeran was approached by Lord Yuan and offered a chance to join the ranks of the Angels of Cruxis. Jeran did not hesitate to accept the invitation, causing his brother, who was otherwise indifferent to the opportunity, to agree as well. After arriving in Welgaia, the city of the Angels on the world of Dherris Kharlan, Jeran grew obsessed with the concept of the Age of Lifeless Beings: the idea that everyone would become the same, thus eliminating the causes of prejudice.

In the year of World Reunification, Jeran's perfect life at Cruxis came crumbling apart. Lord Yuan was revealed to be the leader of an insurgent organization known as the Renegades, Yggdrasill, the leader of Cruxis, was defeated by a group of humans and half-elves, and his brother and his friend, Zelos Wilder, proved to be Renegades as well when they orchestrated a brief take over of Welgaia.

During the first year of the New Aselian Calender, a charasmatic Archangel named Dhaos began taking control of Cruxis with the backing of Lord Kratos Aurion, the only remaining Seraph. Dhaos took on Jeran as one of his advisors and promoted him to one of the empty Archangel positions. As a test of his abilities, Jeran was sent to Aselia to round up the reawakened Chosen. Forced to work with the Renegades, Jeran finally forgave his brother's betrayal but never had a chance to tell him. Jonas died during a confrontation with the leader of the Chosen: Spiritua.

Before returning to Dherris Kharlan, Jeran made his peace with Zelos Wilder, whom he'd blamed for Jonas' decision to join the Renegades.

Over three thousand seven hundred years later, the development of mana technology on Dherris Kharlan led to the sudden death of the World Tree, which was the world's source of mana. The various factions that had developed over time went to war with each other, each blaming the other for the death of the Tree. Jeran and his followers allied themselves with Dhaos, who eventually won the war.

When Dhaos left for Aselia in order to procure a Great Seed from the Aselian World Tree, Jeran was left in charge of the remaining Angels. Upon Dhaos' death and the arrival of the Great Seed, Jeran travels to Aselia to confront those responsible for Dhaos' demise. Upon learning of the events surrounding Dhaos death, Jeran reluctantly concedes that the Temporal Heroes did the only thing they could when they killed Dhaos.


Unlike his twin, Jeran has a sharp temper and is unwilling to accept other people's short comings. He's not fond of practical jokes, either, and finds people who pull pranks to be childish. He does, however, share Jonas' sense of loyalty; once someone has earned his respect, Jeran will follow that person regardless of concequences.

Jeran's sense of morality, however, is much less defined than his brother's. Less likely to consider whether his actions are right or wrong, Jeran is compelled to do what feels right for him and not necessarily what's right for everyone.


Jonas Quin - Jeran's relationship with his brother was his strongest attachment for the first twenty four years of his life. But their closeness didn't survive their transition from half-elves to Angels and their differing ideals led to a schism between them. Jeran's greatest regret regarding his brother is that Jonas died before they could mend their differences.

Dhaos - In the aftermath of Cruxis' defeat, Dhaos picked up the organizations pieces and earned Jeran's respect in the process. They eventually became close friends and confidants. Over time, Jeran fell in love with Dhaos, but they remained only friends as Dhaos did not return Jeran's deeper feelings.

Skills and Abilities

  • Fighting Skills: Jeran is a highly skilled swordsman who prefers the use of poisoned blades that incapacitate, but do not kill, the enemy. He's also a capable martial artist, though his skill in this area develops after his admittance into Cruxis.
  • Angelic Transformation: Though Jeran eventually chooses to fuse his Cruxis Crystal to himself (which prevents aging and leaves him an Angel permenantly), Jeran initially kept the ability to transform between his half-elven and Angelic form. Even after becoming eternal, Jeran is able to put his white, feathered wings away at will.
  • Magic: Jeran is a talented 'balanced' mage, meaning that he's capable of using all types of magic without his skill in one element interfering in his ability to use other elements. The lack of a main element, however, can put him at a disadvantage when fighting someone with a deep, elemental connection, such as Zelos or Yuan, who both possess lightning as their main element.

Special Items

  • Cruxis Crystal: Jeran's blue Cruxis Crystal is affixed to the back of his right hand, where it has been fused to his personal mana to halt his aging process.

Random Facts


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