Jasaia Ki Ma

Jasaia, a somewhat old Faerdra Dragon, is a good friend of Lasela, who provides a place for her to stay. In return, Jasaia makes a daily journey to the Tree of Blade Light to obtain one of its blossoms which protects Lasela's house from wandering darkness.


Author: Xovq
Race: Faerdra Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: 147 Tarakaia years, about 111 Earth years
Place of Origin: Nakaira
Currently Located: Tanadera, Nakaira
Height: 18" at shoulder
Weight: 13 lbs
Hair Color: Orange, yellow, and a little bit of red
Eye Color: Hazel
Occupation: Light Blossom Harvester
Appears In: Drifter's Seal


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She can be rather bossy, stubborn, and bold. She does have a soft gentle side to her though.


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