Jacobigoth Melvin Whiscofferson, "Jake"

According to most people who know him, Jake's pretty popular. Which is beyond me, since he's nothing but a slightly handsome street corner philosophy spewing bum. With a sword.


Author: Matti
Gender: Male
Age: 21, but acts like an old man.
Usually Found: On a stool on a stage in a pub.
Height: 6' even.
Weight: Noodle-man turned muscular. Average.
Hair: Dirty blonde and coarse. He always has some stubble on his chin, too.
Eye Color: Light brown.
Occupation: Bum Bard
Nickname(s): Jake
Appears In: "Ralph"


Jake is first introduced in the story when Ralph stays at an inn overnight and hears the bard playing his lute in the front foyer. Ralph comes out and, after some cajoling, dances for him. They make a large load of spare coins off a bunch of drunks and decide to team up after that. Even though he's the older of the pair, Jake is content to let Ralph lead the way, having no direction himself.

Later we learn more about his background: he's the son of a restaurant owner near the capitol, and he had the misfortune of drawing the attention of a certain young noble lady with his good looks and nice singing voice. They fell in love, and it was fun until the girl's father got involved and made her marry some other noble guy instead (which she conceded to a bit too easily). Broken hearted and confused about his place in life, Jake left and has been wandering ever since, content to play for coins and spend his days observing.


Jake is quiet — stoic, really — and never really shows much emotion beyond a thoughtful look. He's a good listener, though, and sometimes gives good (if not definite) advice. Because of the responsibility-free way he lives, he finds it all too easy to sacrifice himself for others, and chooses to dedicate his life to the strange boy Ralph who has far too many problems for someone so small.


One benefit of his noble girlfriend was he received some sword fighting skills before she dumped him. He fights with a one-handed short sword, left handed in order to preserve his right hand for his true talent: playing the lute. A natural wiz with the stringed instrument, and a good singer to boot, he mostly plays songs he's written himself.


Trademark baggy Hat
Lute, lute case
Battered short sword
White button-up shirt, worn
Tan pants, worn
Well-made shoes, worn
Coin purse

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