Jackaluce "Jack" Winters

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Author: Silver Goddess

Race: Aquarylos

Gender: Male

Whirll (Age): 153

Date of Birth: Whirll: 6915gc, Tidall: DemIglis, Day: 21st, Hospital: Stormsfall,

Place of Origin: Aquaryl, Wavesshockmard, Oceamqeall,

Currently Located: Oceamqeall, Vecctefin, PearlsShell Heights, Riveraswoojh Apartments

Height: 7'2"


Sexualities/Sexual Orientations: Jaotu: Equivalent to being Gay.

Dexterity: Left–Handed

Hair Color: Deeper Blues to Lighter Greens in shades

Eye Color: Pastel Yellow, with double Crimson–Red ringed pupils

Skin–tone: A Dark muted Blue–Green, with many Darker toned freckles and naturally similar hued lips

Occupation(s): A Musician and Artist both

Nickname(s): Jack,

Story: Aquaryl

Jackaluce's Name Pronunciation:




For Jackaluce, he can be, well, most of the time anyway at least, very calm, collected, reserved, relaxed, that sort of person naturally. But that's the part that's a bit scary sometimes, because hardly anyone ever sees him when angered. Sad or such, sure, yeah, once in a while, usually after losses happen, but anger? It's rare. Very rare. Beyond that he's largely composed on top of being generally happy by his own deeper nature.

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His Crooked, walking, studded Caned Sword: one that he carries with him almost everywhere for both personal and fashionable reasons.

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