Issabella is well known throughout Amadore as a powerful demon slayer, but her past before becoming a slayer is unknown.

Author: mizkittycat
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Date of Birth: Gao 1254
Place of Origin: Amadore
Currently Located: Amadore
Height: 5'7
Weight: 6
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Slayer
Nickname(s): Issa, Slayer
Appears In: Amadore


Not much is known about Issabella yet, but when Jason enter's the story she becomes very quiet.


Issabella is open about her opinion's and feelings, she makes it clear if she hates or likes you. She is extremely proud and is very talkative, unless the conversation turns to her.

Skills and Abilities

Issabella's skills are around fighting, and a bit of magic

  • Stealth: She is very good at staying low and sneaking around.
  • Energy: When she's in a dire situation and isn't very powerful, she can draw magic from the air and use it to give herself and other allys a burst of energy (and sometimes her enemy's)
  • Guard: She can use magic to create a shield around her and those closest.
  • Weapons: She can gather thrown weapons and uses her magic send them upwards and at her enemy's from all direction's

Special Items

Issabella's weapons are mainly her weapons, yup, there's a lot of em ^^;

  • Samarai swords: Issabella uses these when she has to fight many enemy's
  • Dagger: A double sided dagger that she uses when she has to be stealthy
  • Sword: Used for one-on-one battle's, the blade has many crystals inbedded that causes harm to demon's.
  • "Spiral": The name she gives to her favorate weapon, a small double sword with thin chains comeing off its edges, and on the chains are small sharpe metal stakes (ouch).
  • **Golden necklace: She dosn't tell anyone what the small circle with strange symbols on means.

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