Hrulash Cato

This is Hrulash as he exists within the world of Qismah, the world of the Rifted Riders. (NOT the Adhemlenei version. He's over in the Adhemlenei.)


Hrulash is the tall glowering fellow on the left.

Author: Illinia
Race: Pureblood human
Gender: Male
Age: 21 when the Rifted Riders meet
Date of Birth:
Place of Origin: Regalo, Quintus
Currently Located: Aurelia, Quintus
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Occupation: Dragon Knight, noble
Nicknames: Hruly, Hru, Lash, Grumpy-pants (note: hates all nicknames)
Appears In: The Rifted Riders


Qismah!Hrulash is a noble of Quintusian birth. Of the family Cato, but cousin of Tseo ad Ventum. His mother taught him his letters and his love of reading and math. When he was 18, he met and defended the dragon Garekhen from bullies, winning Garekhen's cheerful and unwavering friendship. The dragon feels he needs to take care of his human, to ensure that he doesn't harm himself emotionally, and the human feels the need to guide his dragon, so that he doesn't wind up in trouble due to absent-mindedness. They immediately desired to join the Dragon Knights of Quintus, and after training in Regalo for three years, gained admission and were placed in the First Cohort, Sixth Century, Tenth Contubernia.


Hrulash is dour, sarcastic, and cold. He is also proud, dutiful, private, irritable, and unimaginative. He prefers quiet and order in his life. However, once his trust is gained, he is loyal to death. He has a strong moral code, and although he is a relatively weak fighter, he makes up for it with patience, tactical analysis, and a cold-blooded determination. He has many fears and self-doubts locked inside, the most obvious of which is that he only gained admission to the Dragon Knights because he was friends with Tseo and Garekhen.
Has no luck with girls.

Skills and Abilities

Hrulash fights primarily with a lance. His personal armour is gold and blue. His greatest asset is his patience to do mindnumbing paperwork, filing, filling forms, and generally the boring office part of a knight's duty.

Special Items

  • Petrus's Lance: The lance of his grandfather; a long dragonrider's lance with a head of red steel, diamond-shaped with two wings like a swallow's below it. Two spikes interject between the wings and the lancehead, but Stormback the Blue bit off one spike once upon a time. The haft is black light-weight steel.
  • Petrus's Armour: Once Hrulash is promoted in Book 2, he goes to fetch his grandfather's old armour out of storage and refurbishes it to modern standards. It is gold-plated steel with sweeping spikey bits on the pauldrons; the undergarment and cloak is dark blue. Hrulash adds shin and fore-arm guards, and trades the chain-mail for the more modern skirt of leather straps.

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