Hoarwilk is the golden dragon who works with and is friends and partners with Tseo ad Ventum.


Author: Illinia
Race: gold dragon
Gender: female
Age: teenage in dragon years
Date of Birth:
Place of Origin: northern mountains between Neoma and Quintus
Currently Located: Aurelia, Quintus
Length: 22'
Weight: a bunch
Hide Color: gold
Eye Color: blue
Occupation: Dragon Knight
Nickname: sweetheart
Appears In: The Rifted Riders


Hoarwilk was raised in the mountains alongside her good friend Garekhen. However, when their very lives were threatened by a gang of reckless blue dragons, the two fled south to Quintus, where they found and fell in with the Quintusian youths Tseo and Hrulash. After the boys helped defend against their pursuers, Hoarwilk felt drawn to Tseo and offered to join the Dragon Knights with him. They trained together for three years before being accepted into the First Cohort, Sixth Century, Ninth Contubernia.


Hoarwilk is a very even-tempered, almost motherly dragon. She feels it is her duty to help those around her deal with their inner demons. While Garekhen does that by accident, Hoarwilk does it on purpose. She's driven by a sense of purpose, although just what that purpose is, she's not quite sure yet. She is usually fairly serious in demeanour, although she enjoys every one of Tseo's terrible puns and is very affectionate to him and her other friends.

Skills and Abilities

Hoarwilk is a fire-breathing dragon. She relies on speed more than strength.

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