Heather Tethe'alla (S-TU)

Heather Tethe'alla, the middle child of the Tethe'allan royalty, built up a reputation as a brilliant diplomat and philanthropist all before the age of twenty. She exists in the Student-Teacher Universe, an AU of Tales of Symphonia.

Author: KitKatt0430
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Date of Birth: March 3rd, -22 Aselian Calender
Place of Origin: Meltokio, Tethe'alla
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Sky blue
Occupation: Princess of Tethe'alla
Title: Princess
Appears In:


Soon after Princess Heather Tethe'alla's birth, she was announced to be Heaven's intended fiancee for Zelos Wilder. Despite the fact that most affianced Chosen couples are raised distantly from one another, it was decided by the King, Heather's father, to keep the two of them in Meltokio and allow the to know one another as both children and adults. As a result, Heather and Zelos become childhood friends.

Like many children, Heather and Zelos had fights over the years, occasionally falling out with one another. The most notable time this occurs is when the two were twelve. Zelos ran away, disappearing for two weeks only to return, unharmed, to Meltokio. Zelos' refusal to explain what happened or where he was drives Heather to travel the world so that, even if she never knows, she can go wherever he did.

Eventually Heather visits the frozen city of Flanoir where she learns that the Penguiners, a race of human-like penguins, are being illegally hunted. In retaliation, the Penguiners have been attacking humans indiscriminantly. Forcing Zelos to join her there despite his great dislike of snow, Heather convinces Zelos to help her track down the Penguiners, learn their language, and find some way to resolve the issues between their two species.

At the age of fifteen, Zelos introduces Heather to a group known as the Starr Syndicate, which is dedicated to freeing oppressed Half-Elves. Though at first wary of the group, which her father believed to be terrorists, Heather is impressed by the group's leader, Callista Starr, and agrees to covertly help the Syndicate whenever possible.

Three years later, after graduating from Sybak Academy, Heather is dismayed when Zelos vanishes without a trace for six months. Though the clergy assures her that Zelos is on a mission from the Angels, Heather slowly becomes convinced that the Pope is using Zelos' absence in order to further his anti-Half-elf crusade. Using her own, not unconsiderable political pull, Heather uncovers his attempt to legalize slavery of Half-elves and nearly manages to have him removed from his position. Despite Zelos' return shortly afterwards, Heather manages to replace Zelos as the Pope's most hated adversary.


Heather is a stubborn, charismatic young woman who never quite manages to reach her full potential. She deeply loves the country, and people, of Tethe'alla and would do anything to make it a better place. Though she was the Princess of Tethe'alla, Heather was unafraid to defy her father's wishes to do what she felt was right.


Zelos Wilder: Heather's relationship with Zelos, despite being initially forced upon them both by the Church of Martel, becomes the most important influence on Heather's life. Because of the tragedies Zelos has suffered, Heather wants to make the world a better place so that no one else will hurt the way he has. She also takes his causes and makes them her own, eventually coming to love him because she can see how deeply he cares for all the people of Tethe'alla.

Zelos, in turn, loves Heather and provides her with the attention she lacks from her family.

King Tethe'alla: Though she knows her father loves her, Heather's relationship with her father is distant. The two of them do not see eye to eye on the subject of non-human treatment. Heather's relationship with Zelos is also a point of contention between the two. The fact that Heather resembles her mother, who died giving birth to Hilda, also creates distance between the two. Heather never doubts her father's love for her, however, and will often go to him for advice on a problem, though she typically disregards his advice in the end.

Jareth Tethe'alla: Younger than her brother by nearly eight years, Heather and her brother are more often apart than together. Heather often feels as though her brother is a stranger and, though she cares for him, Heather is more likely to side with Zelos or Hilda over her brother when Jareth has a problem with something one of them has done.

Hilda Tethe'alla: Heather is older than her sister by six years, but is more of a mother to Hilda than the various nannies that have come and gone through their childhood. As Hilda grows older, however, Heather notices her sister's tendency to idolize her to the point of ignoring her flaws, which worries Heather as she fears that one day she'll let her sister down and shatter Hilda's trust.

Skills and Abilities

More a negotiator than anything else, Heather lacks anything beyond basic self-defense skills. She does, however, possess a charismatic personality, a sharp wit, and deadly intelligence that allows her to quickly evaluate her enemies and soothe problems between fighting parties.

Special Items

  • Exsphere: Given an Exsphere by her father when she turned nineteen, Heather was only able to utilize this object for a year. Though it improved her strength and speed in battle, Heather was not practiced enough with it for the Exsphere to be of much use to her in battle.
  • Silver, Oval Locket: A momento from her dead mother, Heather keeps this locket on her at all times. When she isn't wearing it, the locket can be typically found in one of her pockets.


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