Griffin Inovar

[KJ: RS] Field Marshal Inovar carries the weight of a country on his shoulders. He holds command over the Aregese army, as well as being the heir to the childless Lord of Aregeist. A grim and weary man, old beyond his years, he doubts himself— but doubts others more.


Author: KJ
Race: human, Aregese
Gender: male
Age: thirtyish
Date of Birth: April 11
Place of Origin: the Red Coast
Currently Located: Aregeist
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 235 lbs
Hair Color: light brown, turning prematurely white
Eye Color: green
Occupation: army commander, crown prince
Nickname(s): The Swordbreaker
Appears In: Rising Storm, King of Hearts


Inovar has been training to lead the country of Aregeist since he was a child, when his uncle, the reigning lord, was left childless by his wife's death. Tragedy has had him handpicked from birth. Haunted by the specters of his insane father, his murdered mother, and his wife's suicide, Inovar is devoted to protecting his baby sister from the same kind of suffering as he has felt. He fears that it is futile; Schariel already exhibits the same tendency toward madness as the rest of their family. Inovar keeps this a secret from the country as best as he can. His happiness resides in his young son, Tatheran.

Since the outbreak of the Aregese-Tadreisian war over the Red Coast, Inovar has not seen his home. For five years he has watched his country suffer setback after setback in the war under his leadership. His confidence has been further shaken by an assassination attempt that left him missing his right arm. Since then, he has not involved himself personally in conflict, which distances him from the troops.

The appearance of Erylandes is both a blessing and a curse to Inovar. He is short of officers, and Erylandes' ability to inspire a demoralized army is the only thing that seems to turn the war around. However, Erylandes' successes and popularity threaten Inovar's own position. Inovar is reluctant to trust the country he has been responsible for his whole life to an inexperienced stranger.

Inovar's inflexible traditionalism causes him to butt heads with those few who are close to him. Two of his top officers, the twins Koreise and Kerida "Dida" Baymaker serve as his confidants, support, and grounding. However, as Erylandes influences both of them into following his own pattern of independence and defiance, Inovar sees his grip on the army slipping away.

Like Farren, Inovar is torn between admiration for Erylandes' simple power of miracle-working victories, and anguish for the cost those victories sometimes bring.


Inovar is serious, stern, and unyielding enough for a man twice his age. He rarely opens up to anyone, believing it is better for a leader to be remote and solid as a mountain. Within that stony exterior, he is tormented by thoughts of failure, his lost arm and what it symbolizes, and his own ill-starred heritage. Carrying all of this weight on his shoulders has led Inovar to develop a bad drinking habit, which his officers attempt to break.

Despite his typical expression of grim purposefulness (brought on by an equally typical headache), Inovar has a warm heart, and cherishes the few people who have made it past his walls. He is devoted to his sister and son, and protective of his friends among the officers, even when that protectiveness is mixed with a desire to wring their necks. This warm heart also results in a short temper, often to disastrous consequences—leading him back again to the inner fears.

Other Notes

  • He was nicknamed "The Swordbreaker" for his powerful strength, which he retains despite the loss of his dominant arm.
  • He has something of an a affiliation for redheads.
  • He struggles with a drinking addiction which grows worse as time goes on.
  • His hair goes completely white by the end of the war, which is not unusual for his family (the royal bloodline often goes white long before middle age hits)
  • He has been known to go into something like a berserker rage when excessively provoked.
  • He fears going mad.

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