Grace Marie Oakland

Grace Marie is the main character of The Last Breaths. She's young, determined, and quite wise for her age. I threw her into the beginnings of a zombie apocalypse (what I've deemed "the plague" and "necromorbi") to see how she would fare. It's interesting, to be sure.


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Author: D. L. Hathaway
Race: Caucasian
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 15 March 2009
Place of Origin: Lafayette, Indiana
Currently Located: Coshocton, Ohio
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 146 lbs
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Occupation: Student, Customer Service Representative
Nickname(s): Gracie
Appears In: The Last Breaths


Born in Lafayette, Grace's parents were contemplating moving when she was still a young child. On one of many trips out of state, Grace was left with her grandfather. Her parents were scoping out the area. They never returned. Grace's father was confirmed dead at the scene of a car accident involving their car, but her mother was never found.
Afterwards, Grace's grandfather took her and her older brother, Aric in. The man raised Grace, for the most part. Aric, however left as soon as he was able. With the help of her grandfather, Grace was able to put herself through a few semesters of school before she finally got herself on her feet financially.
She moved out of her grandfather's house at age 20, renting a house a few cities away. Shortly thereafter, she adopted a tortoiseshell cat from an animal rescue who had named her Calleigh. Grace quickly took a liking to the name.


Grace is generally a kind and caring woman. She looks in on her older neighbors frequently. Despite this, she has been known to be a little short when it comes to patience. She likes her routine, though she adapts to change rather easily. She would like to think that she isn't very judgmental. While she isn't as judgmental as others, she certainly passes judgment - especially on the main female news anchor who reports on her favorite news station.

Skills and Abilities

Grace is especially skilled at singing. She's good with computers and animals, as well. She has exceptional people skills, simply because she knows how to fake being friendly even when she is stressed and frustrated. She doesn't have any "special" skills, as this story takes place in a very human, though slightly futuristic Earth.

Spoiler Information

*there is no spoiler information as of yet, but there may be in the future.


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