Garland Levitan

An amnesiac knight with a dark and bloodstained past.


Author: LittleSnowyOne
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Date of Birth: April 10
Place of Origin: ???
Currently Located: Cornelia
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 232 lbs
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Amber
Occupation: General of Cornelia's knights
Appears In: Shards of Darkness and Light


A man who has no memory beyond the last six months of his life. He became the general of Cornelia's knights very quickly (due to the retirement of the former general), so many of the knights don't quite respect him yet. He forms a quick bond with fellow amnesiac traveler Seth Hirschall, not knowing how their pasts are connected…


Garland is a bit overaggressive at times and can be quick to anger, but his heart is in the right place. He notices rather quickly that Seth is often harassed by others, so he is very protective of the younger man. He is an honorable fighter who won't fight weak opponents unless it is absolutely necessary. Garland tries not to let his lack of memories bother him, but sometimes it creeps into his thoughts…

Skills and Abilities

  • Elemental Magic: Garland's deadliest spells, which are the same as those used by the Elemental Fiends. They include Earthquake, Blaze, Tsunami, and Cyclone.
  • Black Magic: Garland's other, lower-level spells, which are the Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder families of spells.

Special Items

  • Rebellion: His weapon at the beginning of the story. It changes forms depending on how it is swung. Its forms are a greatsword, a lance, twin swords, a chained blade, and an axe.


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