Garekhen is the golden dragon who works with and is friends and partners with Hrulash Cato.


Garekhen and his rider, Hrulash Cato.

Author: Illinia
Race: Gold dragon
Gender: male
Age: teenage in dragon years
Date of Birth: ???
Place of Origin: northern mountains between Neoma and Quintus
Currently Located: Aurelia, Quintus
Length: 25'
Weight: lardbucket
Hide Color: gold
Eye Color: green
Occupation: Dragon Knight
Nicknames: Gary, numbskull, lardbucket
Appears In: The Rifted Riders


Garekhen was just an ordinary gold dragon growing up in the mountains, when he and his best friend Hoarwilk began to be bullied by a rowdy gang of blue dragons. Eventually, fearing for their lives, the two dragons fled south into Quintus, pausing at the campfire of the Quintusian humans Tseo and Hrulash. Waking the two boys by accident, they brought them along for the humans' safety, but were soon cornered by the pursuing blues. The boys defended the dragons long enough for them all to be saved by Stellari and Ryder Jennith, and from that moment on, Garekhen wanted nothing more than to join the Dragon Knights of Quintus with his defender, Hrulash Cato. After three years of training in Hrulash's home city of Regalo, the pair went to Aurelia and were assigned to the First Cohort, Sixth Century, Tenth Contubernia.


Garekhen is a cheerful, absent-minded dragon; he gets along great with most people and loves to socialize. He's kind of like a very large, scaly puppy. He has a lot of empathy for other people, and is a great emotional counselor. He's not terribly burdened with intellect, and doesn't really care what's going on a lot of the time as long as he gets to hang out with friendly people and get fed. However, put someone he cares about in danger, and he will tear apart buildings to save them.

Skills and Abilities

Garekhen is a fire-breathing dragon. His weight also carries a lot of power in physical combat.

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