Gamma Raytion

Gamma is the youngest of the Raytion kid's. He dosn't open up much and finds it hard to express himself when he tries.


Author: Mizkittycat
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: appears 16
Date of Birth: 21/7/1970
Place of Origin: Italy
Currently Located: England
Height: 6'0
Weight: 7
Hair Color: near black
Eye Color: Black
Occupation: Student
Nickname(s): Jerk, smilely
Appears In: Forbidden Touch


Gamma lost his family during the Irpinia earthquake in 1980 in Italy. His closest friend who is later found out to be his brother supposedly died because of humans. Gamma is still human, his genes have only been altered slightly as have Beta's and Alpha's. But Gamma excludes himself from humans, believeing himself to be something different from them. Before the earthquake Gamma was a normal teenager, but all the truma has built up and now he acts like a stubborn jerk, and has no idea how to express his true feelings.


Gamma's a very stubborn person who enjoys teasing Anna often. Even though Gamma a jerk, he'd never willingly go as far as to physically hurt someone. Of course that's hard with a short temper like his. And when a single touch could be fatel to a ordinary human. He is sercretly jealous of Anna who isn't held back like him.

Skills and Abilities

  • Speed: Gamma radiation is the fastest of the radiation type, speed that Gamma has optained
  • Strength: Although Gamma would lose against Alpha and Beta, he is still incrediably strong
  • **Mind Control: Gamma has the ability to force his will on someone else. But he's never used it.

Special Items

  • **Necklace: Gamma has a dark brown piece of string round his neck which has a old Italien coin attacted to it.

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