Crazy dragon lady


Author: Akamar
Race: El'yn dragon
Gender: If I have to point that out….
Place of Origin: Eli
Currently Located: Earth
Height: 6'2
Weight: 300
Hair Color: Metallic silver
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation: Cafe waitress, Dragon
Nickname(s): Usually nothing nice…
Appears In: Ashen Nights, potentially some history for Blind Horizon


Some of this is the subject of a number of spin-off series I plan to do. I'll refrain from filling anything out here for the time being.


Kalaris is a big softy. She can come off quite gruff and intimidating, and make no mistake she's often quite willing and capable of hurting most, she has a soft spot for kids. She also has a tendency to be overly, and even suspiciously generous. She has a typical 'femme fatale" polish to her bearing. One might have the tendency to think she doesn't take anything seriously.

On the same note, she a capable leader, and when the time calls for it can dignified, proper, and diplomatic. Usually.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Ability name: Geomantic magic
  • Ability name: Really, really physically strong
  • Ability name: Can change into a draconic form?

Special Items

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  • Item name: Diriburus: A spear she inherited from her mother.

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