Fargo is the Ryuu demon clan's prince (yes another prince i know>.<).

Author: mizkittycat
Race: Ryuunet
Gender: male
Age: 12
Date of Birth: unknown, he can't remember, the king made it Kio-1265 since that was when he was found
Place of Origin: Amdore
Currently Located: Amdore
Height: 5'1
Weight: 5
Hair Color: redish brown
Eye Color: chestnut brown
Occupation: Prince
Nickname(s): none
Appears In: Amadore Chronicles


Fargo isn't part of any royal lineage, he's actually adopted, untill the age of eight Fargo spent his day living on the street and scavenging food and and other things. he dosn't talk about his life before the day when the kind found him and adopted him. Chrome is his "brother" they don't get on mainly because Chrone believes Fargo stole his throne, when it was the king who demanded it go to Fargo not Chrome.


Fargo's simple minded and see's things with face value, he's never thought about the possible problems his actions could cause, he dosn't really get grudges against people, and is easily won over. Fargo wants to lead a normal life with no strange things, but Kira won't let that happen.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Demon: basic demon powers, claws, teeth, speed, strength.
  • Were-Dragon: (rare curse) pretty simple, once a month Fargo goes through the process of becomes a dragon, but unlike werewolves he can remember everything he does in this form
  • **Fire: Has the ability to use simple fire spells

Special Items

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  • **Glove's: He has special gloves that keep his power's under control, this means his fire power islimited, but if he takes them off he could cause more damage than good.

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