Existence is one of the Six High Powers. Like all of the Six High Powers, it rarely interferes directly in the ways of the worlds, in its case because the power of Existence is too great for even Existence to control. Any action it takes has several other unintended effects, and so it finds that it is better to simply let events play out without its interference… most of the time.

Author: Aldraia
Appears In: Existence is part of the background of the Realms of the Dragons

Existence represents presence and that which is. It stands for activity and for simply being.
Common strengths of those strong in Existence: Vivacity, enjoyment of life, enthusiasm
Common weaknesses of those strong in Existence: Possessiveness, impatience
Powers commonly associated with Existence: Creation powers


Existence does not feel threatened by Void; Void's apathy ensures that it will not seek to destroy what already exists, nor prevent more from coming into existence -because no matter how much exists, there is always more nonexistence left. Likewise, even if all is erased, Existence can simply start anew.


The awi are born from the shifting of Existence.


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