Etoya Son Of Ramize

Etoya was a fanaoha with uncommonly close relations to the royals of Whascique'ate. This was due to the achievements of his parents. He was one of the people King Qirâc considered to be a brother.



Author: winzrella
Race: fanaoha
Gender: male
Year of Birth: 662
Place of Origin: Whascique'ate
Height: 192 cm (about 6'3)
Hair Color: fire red
Eye Color:
Complexion: pale
Fanaoha name: Redsilence
Appears In: the Blood of Kings (High-Sorceress)


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  • Father: Ramize
  • Mother: Suni
  • Siblings: he has one brother and one sister, but both of them disappeared from the society long ago

Information for "High-Sorceress"

Age: 65-67 years (32-33 in human years)
Occupation: a soldier in the army of Whascique'ate

Skills and Abilities

  • Archery: Etoya is a skilled archer. He's among the best in the army of Whascique'ate, but due to being a fanaoha his reputation as an archer does not weight much.

Special Items

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