Esti is a magic doll created by Aeditro.


Gender: Female
Age: Looks to be in her late teens
Race: Magic Doll, former Syrin
Location: Aeditro's workshop
Power(s): Can channel her energy into either her arm for a powerful punch and can transfer her energy to someone else
Bio: Before Aeditro found her, Esti was a young Syrin girl who had run from her home in an attempt to live a normal life. However, she was attacked by a human who discovered she was a Syrin and despised all magic users. Aeditro found her just in time, as she was almost dead. He immediately made her into a magic doll. Esti was grateful, and so she swore loyalty to Aeditro. She fought for him without question. During one of the many battles Aeditro used her in, she was almost destroyed by an enemy soldier, but was rescued by a Vasguardan named Oubreph. He was badly wounded, but she saved him by giving him some of her energy. The two became close, and Esti believes she is developing feelings for Oubreph. She keeps this secret, however, because her doll body makes it absolutely impossible for her to ever have a chance at being with a human. Esti encounters Kal and Raine when Aeditro sends her out to search for Aquaries. She is startled to see another doll like herself and upon seeing exactly how close Kal is with Raine, she suddenly believes it could be possible for her to be with Oubreph. So she abandons Aeditro's orders and sets out on her own to try to find a way to become a human and hopefully be with Oubreph.



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