Erylandes the Storm

[KJ: RS] His charisma matched only by his idealism, Erylandes joins a war on the losing side, and in a few short months, changes the history of the Compass… at a terrible cost.


Author: KJ
Race: human, Aregese
Gender: male
Age: early twenties
Date of Birth: December 21
Place of Origin: unknown
Currently Located: Aregeist
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lb
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: grey
Occupation: infantry captain, future Lord of Aregeist
Nickname(s): Ery; The Storm
Appears In: Rising Storm


In the catastrophic Red Coast War, on the eve of the defeat of the country of Aregeist by its rival Tadreis, Erylandes joins the Aregese army with no known origin. Within the space of a few weeks, his intense personal charisma wins him a Captain's rank and the role of hero for the demoralized army. His fame only grows after he bests a ferocious enemy general (Kasey Morrigan)—without killing him. He claims he is meant to end the war.

While he is an inspiration to the enlisted men, Erylandes is a continual headache to his commanding officer, Inovar, for his serene insubordination and disregard for military traditions. However, his ability to revitalize the army after five years of steady defeat forces Inovar to tolerate the man he is beginning to fear. Their personal relationship is not helped by the obsession that Inovar's young sister, Schariel, develops for the inspiring young captain.

Erylandes' surge of good fortune comes to a halt when his mistake leads to tragedy for Farren, his best friend. Tension between the two parallels a downshift in the fortunes of the Aregese army. Soon the capital of Aregeist is under siege, with the army scattered and broken. Wounded in battle, Erylandes is no longer able to walk. Despite the warnings of others, he chooses to trust Farren to help him rally the stragglers and deserters, and break the siege.

From the beginning, he swears that he will be the next Lord of Aregeist.


Erylandes becomes famous for his idealism and fearless defiance of great odds. Most people know him as a friendly, even-tempered man, a little naive in some ways and a savant in others. His gentleness and compassion make him popular, in contrast to the current harsh leadership of the country.

Those closer to Erylandes see a different side of him: uncertain, and apparently grieving over some secret pain from his life before the army. Only Farren is close enough to realize the truth: Erylandes' desire to end the war is not a matter of idealism, but of guilt.

Other Notes

  • He is trained in the use of a longsword, although he has yet to kill another man.
  • His inner drive and simple optimism, combined with good luck, makes him an inspirational leader to others, despite his lack of actual experience.
  • He is literate in the basic dialect of the Compass, but also writes in a unique form of shorthand.
  • He is known for wearing a starry blue gemstone, a gift from Iria, the Kotheran queen (given at the end of RS, upon his coronation).

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