Erik Highwind

A gifted but boisterous Dragon Knight who likes to be the center of attention. He is a close friend to fellow Dragoon Bryan Farrell, engineer Cid Pollendina, and the Prince (and future King) of Baron, Odin. He is also the father of Kain.


Author: Abyrae
Full Name: Erik Sören Highwind
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Undetermined at this time
Place of Origin: Baron
Height: Undetermined at this time
Weight: Undetermined at this time
Hair Color: Golden blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: Dragon Knight
Nickname(s): None
Appears In: 'Rae's Unnamed FFIV Saga


Erik Highwind was a member of one of the oldest and most respected families of the Baronian Aristocracy. His ancestors were among the founding members of the elite Dragon Knight Corps, and have been close to the Royal Family for many generations. An only child, he was constantly spoiled by his Dragoon parents, who trained him from a young age, and was quite proud to uphold the family's tradition when he was accepted into the Dragoons at the unheard age of thirteen years old.

Despite his young age and somewhat inflated ego, he quickly befriended Bryan Farrell, a young Dragoon from his class. Being his elder by two years, Bryan often kept the boy in check and out of trouble. As Dragon Knights, they both interacted with the Crown Prince, Odin, on a regular basis, with whom they developped a strong friendship over time. Erik also took a liking to a young Engineering genius named Cid, who shared Erik's passion for flying.

As the boy grew up into a charismatic young man, he started paying more attention to the fairer sex. The ladies seemed to find him attractive, and he enjoyed all the attention he received from flirting with them. Even Bryan's sweetheart could not resist his boyish smile, much to his friend's annoyance. But there was one exception, and this exception was the one that fascinated him the most: a young Black Mage named Meredith.

All of Erik's attempts to get her to notice him resulted in failure. It is only when he boldly asked her father for his permission to court her that Meredith started paying attention to him, although it was only to call him an arrogant fool and a shameless flirt. Originally hurt by her accusations, he mulled over what she said and realised he had been acting like a pretentious prick, and no one liked pretentious pricks.

With renewed determination, he sought to better himself in the hopes that the young woman would give him a second chance. For reasons unknown, it actually worked, and the bossy mage became extremely enamored with the young knight.

The two were wed not long after Odin ascended to the throne of Baron, but the militaristic nation attracted a lot of conflict, both from the outside as well as the inside. As it was often the case whenever there was a new sovereign, some of the most ambitious nobles of the Baronian court sought to replace the young King. During one of the darkest periods that the Kingdom witnessed, many of those who were close to the King were disposed of in an attempt to intimidate the young monarch.

Being some of the closest friends to the King, the Highwinds were not spared. Erik's parents were found murdered in the family mansion one morning, and not long after the birth of their son Kain, Meredith fell sick. To his horror, he recognized her symptoms as those of dragonsweed poisoning. Despite Erik getting all the best healers and White Mages in the Kingdom to cure her, she never recovered and passed away only a few days after Kain's second birthday.

Unable to cope with the loss of Meredith, Erik left his son in the care of the Farrells and set out on a journey to try to find himself again and become stronger. When reports of his death came from Troia a few years later, a grieving King Odin took the young boy under his wing and vowed to raise him as a fine Knight in his dear friend's stead.


Erik was extremely self-confident, to a point of arrogance and recklessness, and viewed himself as irresistible and invincible. Needless to say, when a certain Black Mage gave him a literal slap in the face, he was originally shocked, but quick to reassert himself. He was a determined individual, and would pursue any goals he set for himself with unnerving stubbornness.

He was however very loyal to his friends and family, and took anything negative happening to them as a sign of personal failure to protect them. This often lead him to prolonged periods of self-doubt and auto-destructive behaviour.

Erik was also known for having a sharp mind and a peculiar sense of humour.

Skills and Abilities

  • Spear/Lance Mastery: As a Dragon Knight, Erik was proficient in the use of spears and lances.
  • General Combat Skills: As a Dragon Knight, Erik was also practiced in the use of various weapons such as swords, daggers, and axes, as well as hand-to-hand combat.
  • Jump: As a Dragon Knight, Erik was a master of the ancient Jump Technique, in which he would become temporarily airborne and deal massive damage on an opponent from above.
  • Dragonspeak: Like all male Highwinds, Erik has inherited the rare ability to communicate with dragons. (This ability name may or may not change depending if I can find a better name for it.)

Special Items

  • Dragoon Armour: A set of cobalt blue Dragoon Armour which Erik inherited from his father. The helmet is shaped like the head of a dragon with blood red eyes.

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