Ember is a Fire Elemental. She is Caya's friend and is very helpful. She and Tenir were in love at one point, but that all fell apart.


Author: Azalea
Race: Azelie Elemental (formerly Azelian Yumia)
Gender: Female
Age: 127
Date of Birth:
Place of Origin:
Currently Located: Myrian Forest
Height: 6'3"
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation: Fire Elemental
Appears In: Cameo in Zombie Vegetables (or if you have a webpage link it here instead) yourstoryname


Born somewhere (not sure where) on Azelie as Rhynna (last name undiscovered). Became a Selen-Mage-in-Training and met Iren. Eventually fell in love, then when he attempted to kill a pirate for revenge and accidentally burned down the town kind of drifted away a bit. Iren kind of snapped after that without her support and eventually ended up in prison. Ember was badly injured in their last battle and several Elementals saved her life by turning her into one of them.


I've mostly only written for her as Rhynna.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Fire Magic: Granted powers over fire, she can make it do almost anything.
  • Transform: Ember can transform from a Yumian-looking elemental to Elemental form to Element form and back again.
  • Share Magic: Ember can share her magic with others by transferring it through touch or through a crystal.
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Special Items

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