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Author: Elystriana
Race: Elven/Weyr
Gender: Female
Age: Around 400
Date of Birth: 15th of Rising Spring (April 15th)
Place of Origin: Silverstorm Weyr Tribe
Currently Located: Who knows?
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140
Hair Color: Silver-blonde
Eye Color: Light Green
Occupation: Adventurer
Nickname(s): Leah
Appears In: Traveler Chronicles


Eliara and her twin brother Elorien were born to Erional- second son of the elven king and the current archmage- and Mirimia- a talented scout of the Silverstorm Weyr tribe. Out of (well-founded) fear of their children becoming the targets of Erional's many enemies, the twins' birth was kept as secret as possible. This was aided by the fact that very few people even knew that Erional and Mirimia were married. After their birth, Eliara was taken by her mother back to live with the tribe, while Elorien was fostered under the care of a trusted human friend.
When Eliara was eight, the tribe was attacked by nearby human town in retaliation for attacks on the town made by rogue weyrs. The tribe was completely wiped out- only Eliara was able to survive through the use of her elven magic. She spent the next few decades of her life living on her own, drifitng from place to place, and always avoiding contact with others. She eventually met an old hermit, who pursuaded her to live with him. Eliara ended up staying with him for twelve years- until he died- and during that time, the scars of anger and grief from the trauma of watching her village be destroyed began to heal.
After the death of the hermit, Eliara started wandering again, but this time she visited all the towns she came across, curious and eager to learn more about humans. After only a few months, while she was visiting the town of Raynesbourgh, Eliara first met her twin, Elorien. While both felt some kind of intangible bond with the other, neither twin was quite ready to start trusting people again, so they parted without realizing the truth.
Soon after, one of Erional's enemies- a necromancer called Akorath- finally managed to trace the connection between Erional and Eliara. He began huning her, while the news slowly leaked out to some of the other dark mages. The attacks drove Eliara back into the wilderness in an effort to lose her pursuers, and for almost a year she played cat-and-mouse with the (mostly undead) armies of several rather nasty characters. They finally caught up with her and trapped her in Lightning Pass. However, by this time, Erional had become aware of what was happening and stepped in to save his daughter.
Eliara was rather surprised to find out that her father was actually the archmage of the elven court- who insisted on her staying with him until she could properly defend herself. While this mostly meant learning the intracacies of her innate elven magic, Erional also taught her something of high (also known as 'human') magic. It was during this time that Eliara learned of her twin. She was eager to go meet him again, but refrained from doing so on the (correct) assumption that the mages chasing her thought that there was only one child born to Erional.
After a time- when necromancer activity had died down, and Eliara had learned enough to be let out of her new home- she immediately went to find her absent twin. However, when she finally caught up with Elorien, she was slightly shocked to find that he wasn't very thrilled with the news. Though there were obvious signs that he had some elven blood, Elorien had been raised human. After a rather disappointing reunion, the twins parted ways. Eliara continued her wanderings from before, choosing to become a traveling healer and bard. At her father's insistence, she did return home frequently to continue her studies, though.
As Eliara neared her third century of life, she met Elystriana and Aurora- Travelers from Neirien and Earth respectively, and discovered that she, too, had the ability to Travel to other dimensions.
(Eliara's Travels still need to be put in some semblance of rational order before I can record them)


Eliara is very outgoing and cheerful- teasing most anyone, laughing frequently, and being rather free with good-natured sarcasm. A great many people call her half-insane, especially because of her habit of arguing with he own brand of (rather illogical) logic. Eliara actually likes this stigma, and fosters it to a certain extent. Though at first she seem rather wild and uncaring of others- seeing events merely as entertainment- inside she had a large compassionate streak, and will often put herself at risk to protect other, especially children. She very rarely talks about her past. At first, strong insecurities born from the events of her childhood led her to adopt her devil-may-care attitude to protect herself, but after a time, as her insecurities faded, it grew to become a true part of her, not just a mask. In fact, Eliara is almost never serious- she only becomes such when she is holding inside a great deal of some negative emotion, usually grief or anger.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Shapeshifting: Eliara's Weyr heritage lets her shift her body into any shape she wants (that is biologically possible to be able to live, anyway). However, while she can reduce her mass, she cannot increase it (so no dragons- or even full-sized horses).
  • Animal Speech: Eliara can communicate with animals. She can also control normal (that is- not mythical or other intelligent/sentient type) animals to a limited extent.
  • Plant Speech: Eliara can communicate to some extent with plants (this is much more limited than animals, since plants aren't really aware as much, but she's gotten used the rather odd way they communicate).
  • Energy Transfer: Eliara can send energy into- or pull energy out of- nearly any living person or thing, as long as they're not defending against it (through magic or will). This is how she heals people, and powers the rest of her spells, usually drawing from nature once her store is drained.
  • Dream: Eliara learns, later in life, how to use energy manipulation to form a Dreamscape within her mind, and how to 'connect' others to it. That is- while she cannot enter someone else's dream, she can create her own dream and pull someone else into it. However, she must either know the energy signature of the person or be in physical contact with them.
  • Silver Melding: Through her elven heritage, Eliara has a natural affinity with silver, being able to store, channel, and shape magic with it, and to some extent, shape the metal itself. However, this only works with star-silver (Argentum), not moon-silver (Mythril).
  • Disabilites: Eliara cannot abide cold iron or steel. Although it does not scar her for as long as it would a full-blood elf, it still burns her debilitatingly on a spirit-deep level, and leaves a nasty red scar. Surface wounds (just touching the iron with bare skin) tend to fade over a couple of months to a year, actual penetration (getting cut with it) can take years, or even decades to heal, depending on how bad the wound was. Even just being near iron tends to make her uncomfortable, and prolonged exposure (or any physical contact) ruins her concentration, and prolonged contact would eventually drive her insane. Also, Eliara cannot shapeshift if she is in physical contact with silver (either kind), nor can she 'heal' (shift back to normal) any wound made by a silver weapon, or shift the part of her boy it was inflicted on for a while afterwards.

Special Items

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  • Silver Bracelet: A plain silver band that Eliara wears all the time (except when shapeshifting frequently- then she keeps it in her belt) and uses to focus most of her magic.
  • Belt of Holding: A chain belt comprised of gold links and several quartz crystals, each of which is the link to an exradimensional storage space. Eliara, Elystriana, and Aurora worked together to make three such belts- one for each of them.
  • Memory necklace: Later in life, Eliara acquires a lacquered silver pendant in the shape of a circle with a swan inside. The pendant is set with clear crystals around the edge and on the swan's body, in which she stores memories of her friends that have passed out of her life.

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