Eizan Thernil

Eizan is a normal guy living in our normal world until he passes through a Portamension (portal between dimensions, so yea I'm lazy) gets into a strange, interesting world where he messes up with some authority and gets sentenced to death…Poor guy..


Author: Hakka--eni
Age: 16-ish
Date of Birth: 1st April (everybody thought it was a joke)
Place of Origin: Our world- Lyon
Currently Located: Peicko- Routur [Raw-tuhr] Woods
Height:1m 62 (yea " dont work in my metric system)
Weight: 50 kg (pounds and lbs won't do neither)
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Dark green
Nickname(s): YH (yellow hoodie)
Appears In: Hordes Chronicles


Eizan was born in a quite normal family in Lyon (France). Two years after he was born his mother died of a genetic illness. His father desperate, with a loose screw now, started to get so much involved in his research work that he almost forgot anything about having a son. Due to a family investigation, Eizan was placed with an aunt from his father's side of the family.
However this aunt not only disliked him a lot but also made him do all the menial works in the house (think Cinderella 'cept it's a boy). This lead to Eizan running away from the house. He managed to hitch rides all the way to Switzerland where he started working in a farm to earn a living. Some three weeks after he had been gone, posters for him missing appeared in the streets and search notices started to be aired on the radio. Some people recognized him the announces and then told the police which came to take him in custody.
Eizan ran away in the nearby forest and lived in a cave where he waited for things to settle down. meanwhile the search parties from the police extended to where he was hiding out. He got further deeper in the caves and found an old rusty door where he thought he could find shelter. However when he opened the door he found himself right in the middle of a field of blue lilies. Turning around he discovered that the door from which he had come had vanished in thin air.
Panicked, lost and hungry, Eizan started to wander around the seemingly never ending field of lilies. As the sun was setting down, he finally stumbled upon a settlement in the field. The smaller tents were all arranged around a bigger one. And there was music and an appetizing scent coming from the circle. Driven by hunger and not thinking of anything else, Eizan broke into the circle.


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