Duke Hansen Dark Killer

Theodore's evil yet really crazy father who is the ''God'' of Darkness and he really ''wants'' Kikkia dead.

Author: Kikkia Jade Lacie
Name: Duke Hansen or Dark Killer
Nicknames: None
Race: Immortal Dark Destinian
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Date of Birth: Unknown
Pets: None
Place of Origin: Destiny, Realm of Darkness
Currently Located: Destiny, Realm of Haterd
Height: 6'10''
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blood Blue
Occupation: Enemy
Likes: Unknown
Appears In: Clash of the Heroes (I-V)

Bio: No Info Available…. Has Read Error…. Can Not Find….

Special Attacks:

Special Items:
Items' Names: His Dark Lance

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