Driiele. The god eater. The heaven destroyer. No one knows where Driiele came from, or even what sort of being he really is, all they know is that he can appear in any form he wishes, and that he has the ability to kill gods, to rip open the heavens causing chaos to all worlds connected to them. In Twisted Paths to the Stars he appears as an angelic child.


Author: Raine E. Storms
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: The Ingalthia (aka the Inbetween. aka the twisted paths. The darkness between worlds)
Currently Located: Likely in the Ingalthia
Height: Unknown (changes with every form)
Weight: Unknown (changes with every form)
Hair Color: Usually blonde or strawberry blonde
Eye Color: Usually blue or grey
Occupation: God Eater/ Great Destroyer
Nickname(s): Algrin (great destruction)
Appears In: Twisted Paths to the Stars. Is mentioned in some other stories as well.


No one knows much about Driiele. All that is known is that he was likely born of the darkness between worlds (the Ingalthia). He has destroyed many worlds simply by stealing away their gods and rending their heavens. In Twisted Paths Driiele appears in the celestial plane (equivalent to the heavens) as a young, angelic looking child, no older than 3 years old, with blonde hair and deep blue eyes. The gods take him in, not questioning his strange appearance in the celestial plane. He lives with the gods for a few years, and then, when they all love and trust him, he takes on the form of a giant manticore, kills many of the gods, and rips a large hole in the heavens. The destruction would have been worse however the god of the sun, the goddess of the moon, the god of deepest seas and the goddess of inferno stood against him. At this point in time the mortal races all believed in the gods and so aided them with their prayers. Because of this Driiele was weakened and banished to Ingalthia, where he waits and gains more strength, to one finish devouring the celestial plane of Altheria.


Driiele can seem to be anything he wants to be. He can seem like a sweet little boy, or a kind hearted old man. He could seem like a fisherman, fighting to make a living on the seas, or a farmer simply living off the land. He could seem like the village trouble maker that loves to pull pranks, or he could seem like the most hardened of criminals. Driiele rarely seems to be the same person twice, constantly changing depending on the situation. In truth however, Driiele is always bitter. He sees all other beings as below him, as only food to make him stronger.

Skills and Abilities

  • Power Drain: The ability to steal the power of anyone that gets too close to him. He can only do this 3 times a day however.
  • Soul Stealer: This is the ability that makes him able to be a god eater. He has the ability to drain the soul from anyone he is able to draw blood from. After stealing their soul he eats the empty shell and gains whatever power that person had in their life.
  • Shapeshift: Can take on any male form he pleases. He mostly sticks with forms that seem natural for the area he is in or forms that seem completely innocent.
  • Mind Warp: The ability to twist the minds of weaker willed individuals to do his bidding. Works only on those of at least human level intelligence. (He enjoys using this to make cults in various worlds, just for entertainment)

Special Items

None. That’s right, he has no special items whatsoever.


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