Draltos Du Arganay

Draltos was the half-brother of a renowned Lord in Kun'arein. Being a bastard son of the father of the Lord he did not have any of the wealth of the family for his own. But for the love he received from his father he could carry the renowned name of du Arganay and find respectable work among the guards of the Lord.



Author: winzrella
Race: mostly human, but has some daonit blood in him
Gender: male
Year of Birth: 703
Place of Origin: Kun'arein
Height: 184 cm (about 6')
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Appears In: the Blood of Kings (High-Sorceress)


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Information for "High-Sorceress"

Age: 27-29 years
Occupation: Lady du Arganay's guard

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