Dheighamhot, or Deigom, as the Feroxes call him, may seem like an inanimate object, but he is very much alive. He is actually made of two separate parts, one part is called the core and the other, the crown. The core, which is the bat-shaped object, is what holds his consciousness and power. The crown is always connected to a host, and allows the consciousness to communicate with the host even when the core far away.

Physical contact allows Dheighamhot to establish a mental link so that he can communicate. Some times he just speaks to the holder's mind, but usually when he does not know the one who is holding him, he will establish a mental image that can take over the holder's physical senses so that it seems to the holder that they have been teleported to another place. Usually this place is the mental landscape called the Realm of Dheighamhot. It is in this realm that Dheighamhot's Judgment will begin, which can be either be beneficial or catastrophic for the holder.


Author: Xovq
Name Pronunciation: DEH-ee-GAM-mot and DAY-gom
Race: Khirhodhenkhirhom Ward: Core and Crown
Element: Fire
Gender: Male
Age: 369 Dhaht'harlhkhirlh years, about 1920 Earth years
Place of Origin: Dhaht'harlhkhirlh
Currently Located: Tarakaia
Height: 11'' (though the size of his mentally projected form varies depending on the amount of energy he has)
Weight: 2 lbs
Eye Color: Jade Green
Surface Color: Mostly white, grey, and/or black with orange or red edges. Coloration and patterns are changed at will.
Occupation: Judge, Ward, Core
Nickname: Deigom
Name meanings: The Giver of Power (Dehighah Mhot), The Binder of Paths (Dheihg Amot'h), The Creator of Decay(Dehih Ghamhot’h),
Appears In: Drifter's Seal, Watcher's Amends, Keeper's Key, Brother's Judgment


Dheighamhot has spent most of his life with his creator, or Abhanhohnh. At some point though, he was sent to the Ferox Kingdom in the west. Initially, his main job was to protect the western kingdom from demons, but the location of the kingdom discourages demons from coming in the first place. Every once in a while a particularly brave and foolish Ferox would grow curious enough to search for chamber that Deigom was kept in. Many of those who even get that far flee in fear of his Aura (see Skills and Abilities). Still, there have been a few who have managed to come in contact with Deigom. Their experience with Deigom never ended well for these individuals. There was one particular Ferox, who managed to steal Deigom from the chamber without actually touching him. From that point the whereabouts of Deigom are unknown, as the thief was never found.


While not necessarily cruel, Dheighamhot is known to be fierce and harsh towards strangers. He is focused on fulfilling the tasks he has been given even though such tasks can take years to complete. He does however, become impatient with some individuals, and he is easily annoyed. While he knows his host and creator best, he does make acquaintances with other individuals. He can also be very manipulative and sly.

Skills and Abilities

  • Dheighamhot's Judgment: Dheighamhot asks many questions. At some point after a question, he will look into the individual's heart to see if they are telling the truth. How someone answers, and the truthfulness of the answer come into play in his final judgment at the end. In the end, Dheighamhot will swallow the individual in one of his mouths, which is symbolic of his decision. His right mouth results in either no punishment, or sometimes a gift. The left mouth results in punishment (which is never immediate death.) His central mouth is not used in his judgment, but rather the Ahihrlhamhahrlkhaorh ability. During the judgment, the holder is unable to let go of Dheighamhot until his judgment is entirely complete, however, Dheighamhot can be knocked out of the holders grasp. This ability can only be used when he has permission from the master to use it, otherwise he will not use it.
  • Telepathy: Dheighamhot can form a telepathic connection to who ever is holding him. With the exception of communication with the host with the crown, he must be in direct contact of the individual's skin. Communicating with the host over long distances requires a lot of energy, while communicating with the holder requires very little. He can only sense the outside world when he has contact with an individual, otherwise, he is completely blind, deaf, and unable to feel.
  • Illusions: He can create very realistic illusions. These illusions can trick all senses. He uses these to create Realm of Dheighamhot and intensify the judgment. He also uses illusions to communicate.
  • Ahihrlhamhahrlkhaorh (AH-ee-RDLAH-mardl-KAH-or) : The literal translation of the name of this ability is space-time pulling, which is a basic description of what the ability does. This allows Dheighamhot and a holder (if there is one) to 'teleport' to Dheighamhot's crown portion, and thus, the host. When this happens, time is warped as well, and for Dheighamhot and the host, time passes much faster. The distance from the initial position of Dheighamhot to the host affects how much faster time travels. The difference can be as much as 32 million times faster than the passage of time at Dheighamhot's initial point. When the ahihrlhamhahrlkhaorh ability ends, Dheighamhot and the holder 'fall' back to their original location. This ability requires so much energy to initiate that the use of it has to be planed a long time before it is used, so that Dheighamhot can gather enough energy. Once Dheighamhot reaches the host, the host and the other Khirhodhenkhirhom wards can input energy to help maintain Ahihrlhamhahrlkhaorh. At this point it does not require as much energy as the initiation, which means that Ahihrlhamhahrlkhaorh can go on for years for Dheighamhot and the host, but only a few second from the other Khirhodhenkhirhom wards if they are out of range of the time distortion.
  • Long Distance Energy Transfer: Energy obtained by one Khirhodhenkhirhom ward can be transferred through the crown, to any one of the other three Khirhodhenkhirhom wards or the host. Dheighamhot is capable of transferring and receive the more energy than the other Khirhodhenkhirhom. Transferring energy helps keep the Khirhodhenkhirhom and the host alive when they are unable to find or produce their own energy, or when extra energy is needed (such as when Ahihrlhamhahrlkhaorh is used.)
  • Khirhodhenkhirhom Aura Dheighamhot's aura is especially strong. In a way it is an extension of telepathy, allowing a Khirhodhenkhirhom to connect with an individual from far away, but it communicates with only feelings. The aura is felt by all in range, and it is not specific to any particular individual. When a Khirhodhenkhirhom does not want any one moving it, the aura causes an individual to feel unease, discomfort, or fear. Some species are more sensitive to the aura, and can feel it from a great distance. Demons in particular are very sensitive and can feel an aura from miles away, and thus avoid those areas. Also, the more often an individual feels an aura, the more sensitive they become to it.

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