Deryuutsunaashiiraakyakyun (Deru)

Deru wandered the south western countries of Nakaira to learn about the inhabitants and to find a new home. His whereabouts now, however, are unknown, though it is believed that he is still on the Nakaira continent.


Author: Xovq
Species: Raashii
Gender: Male
Age: 57 Tarakaia years, about 43 Earth years
Place of Origin: Natetsu Island
Currently Located: Nakaira
Height: 6'11'' when standing on hind legs (including ears)
Weight: 260 lbs.
Hair Color: White
Fur Color: Dark Grey
Eye Color: Royal Blue
Nickname(s): Deryuu, Deru
Appears In: Watcher's Amends


Deru was a Raashii King on Natetsu, but he was overthrown rebels allied with Taasuukanuuruukyakyu, a rival Raashii King (who turned on the rebels and took the throne himself). Deru's family left the kingdom and went into hiding, while Deru challenged Taasuu duel for the throne (a common Raashii practice that generally leaves the looser humiliated, but not dead.) During the duel, Taasuu informed Deru that he had set up a trap that Deru's family. Deru did not believe him at first, but was eventually convinced of the truthfulness of the statement and left to try to save his family. He was too late, and in a fit of rage, he destroyed as many of Taasuu's soldiers he could catch. While chasing down the last few, Deru collapsed from exhaustion.

Some Ferox Fishermen found him, and bandaged his wounds. Deru wanted to repay them, but not knowing the language they spoke, he was unable to tell them. He decided to stay with them and help them in ways that he could. When the fishermen returned to Tokura, Deru gave them his golden Kyakyu necklace for payment for providing him with food, a ride, and for teaching him a little of their language. Then Deru left the fishermen to wander the new land.


Deru is a proud and sometimes stubborn individual. He will not show the pain and sorrow he feels from his loss, but he will show anger. He has a history of going into a destructive rage when he is really angry. He will not let a kind act towards him go unpaid, even if the payment is refused.

Other Information

  • The fishermen give him the name Deru
  • Before he was overthrown, he was known as, Deryuutsunaashiiraakyakyu, with out the last 'n'. After he left he refers to himself as Deryuutsunaashiiraakyakyun. In Raashii culture, the 'n' at the end of a name means that the individual is dead, or at least thought to be dead.
  • Despite having wings, Deru, along with all other adult Raashii, cannot fly.
  • He is very strong for a Raashii, and has a large build

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