Dejaii Flintheart

Dejaii Flintheart is the passionate leader of the Assassin's Guild in Biiree. Dejaii lives by his own moral code, a code that he asks all members of his guild to at least loosely follow.


Author: Raine E. Storms
Race: looks human

Gender: Male
Age: 34
Date of Birth: June 9th
Place of Origin: Shidl, Biiree
Currently Located: Lorshn, Biiree
Height: 138 lbs
Weight: 6' 0"
Hair Color: Black (but has a bit of a burgundy tone)
Eye Color: golden brown
Occupation: Assassin/ Biiree Assassin's Guild Leader/founder
Nickname(s): Deij, Flint, Kit (what Lacce calls him), Ink (rogue's guild nickname)
Appears In: Of Bloodshed and Mercy

Appearance (physical description)

Before being chosen as the head of the assassin's guild: Black/burgundy hair (usually well brushed and tied back), golden brown eyes, tan skin. Looks somewhat effeminate, but not overly so. Fairly muscular. Carries two short swords and a bows. Wears very little armor, usually small plates of armor attached to his clothes. Wears mostly black, grey or brown.

After being chosen as the head of the assassin's guild: Has a scar over his right eye and, after losing a bet while drinking, started wearing an eyepatch. Has black/burgundy hair (usually messy and left down, though is tied back for missions for massive battles), golden brown eyes, and tan skin. Still looks somewhat effeminate, but now is a bit more muscular, and a bit leaner. Carries three daggers (2 normal daggers and Kirrda's dagger), a bow, and a quiver of arrows. Usually wears a scale mail shirt, and has armor attached to his boots. Wears mostly black and grey.


Dejaii Flintheart grew up in a small town in the north of Biiree. He lived with his parents and little sister

Dejaii was not exactly a normal child, easily distracted and often getting himself into trouble. When he was 13 his little sister was born and he rapidly became the over protective big brother. The two of them were rarely seen apart. When Dejaii was 18 he took his little sister on a trip to visit some family friends in a nearby town. This town housed one of the smaller paladin's guilds in Biiree, one that many of the local guilds knew was corrupted. Durring their visit to this town Dejaii and his sister were cornered by a group of paladins on the quieter side of town. Dejaii, who was training to join the Biiree rogue's guild, tried to fight to protect his little sister but was no match to the far older, and far more powerful paladins. Dejaii was beated and knocked unconcious, and when he awoke his sister was nowhere in sight, and there was no trace of her. He searched long and hard and was unable to find her, and the authorities would not help. Dejaii, too afraid to return home and explain everything to his parents, ran away, dissapeared deep into the forest. Over the course of the next 3 years he trained, alone, fighting just to survive, and eventually joined the rogues guild.

When Dejaii was in his late 20's he was a treasure hunter. He had made friends with a man who was one of the elite in the Biiree Assassin's Guild, and they often when out drinking together. One night Dejaii and his friend, Lacce, were drinking in one of their favourite bars when suddenly a massive group of Kaiina (essentially elven worshipers of the God of Darkness) attacked the bar. Dejaii, though throughly drunk, stood up and, using only two kitchen knives he had picked up from a nearby table, took out the entire group, mostly on his own. Because of his display of his amazing skills Lacce went back to the Assassin's guild (who had recently lost their leader) and told everyone the story of Dejaii's epic battle against the Kaiina. Because of this Dejaii was elected to be the new guild leader. (Also, when handed the dagger, Kirrda's dagger, which had been passed down from guild leader to guild leader the dagger accepted him, and so he was officially chosen not only by the guild but also by the Goddess of Death herself.) Since then Dejaii has been the leader of the guild, though he feels he doesn't do too much for the guild, since most of the time they seem to run themselves.

Dejaii is one of the most trusted guild leaders the Assassin's guild has ever had, and is loved by almost everyone in the guild. He is also trusted by most of the other guilds in Biiree and neighboring countries, meaning he has many powerful allies.


Dejaii is a womanizer and a kleptomaniac, as well as a bit of a drunkard. But little of this seems to make him less respected by those around him. He hangs all over women, and even beautiful men at times, but rarely does anyone who knows him, at least somewhat, get mad at him for it. Most people believe that he's simply shallow and has few morals when it comes to love, however none realize this is all a mask. Dejaii is actually horribly lonely, which very few people know. The only people that know are his friend Lacce, the Queen of Lunaria, and the leader of the Biiree Rogue's guild, Andrea. Dejaii has a massive crush on one of the newest members to his guild, Valentine Allai, but he refuses to mention it, as she is completely oblivious to Dejaii's feelings for her.

Skills and Abilities

(Will add these later)

Special Items

Not all of these are items, and more may be added as I work on Dejaii's story

  • Biiree Assassin's Guild Crest: (not an item but it will be included here) The crest of the Biiree Assasin's Guild, tattooed on his right wrist. The tattoo is of a dagger with red ribbons and a silver bell tied around the hilt. The tattoo being on the right wrist is representative of a guild leader. Leaders of a guild must have their guild crest tattooed on their right wrist, and guild members must tattoo the guild crest on their left wrist.
  • Biiree Rogue's Guild Crest: (not an item but it will be included here) Crest of the Biiree Rogue's Guild, tattooed on his left wrist. The crest is of two crossed short swords and a coin pouch that has gold coins spilling out.
  • Kirrda's Dagger: A strange dagger, blessed by the Goddess of Death, Kirrda. This dagger is the same one that is represented in the Biiree Assassin's Guild's crest. Originally the dagger simply had three small silver bells attached to the pomel. When Dejaii got hold of the dagger the bells all fell off and became one larger silver bell. Dejaii took a white, silk ribbon and tied it around the dagger's hilt, attaching the silver bell to it. The second the ribbon was tied it turned blood red, and it is now impossible to remove the ribbon or the bell. It is said that the dagger chooses it's wielder (though Dejaii has no clue about this, concidering how he was chosen as the assassin's guild leader) and that any who touch it that it has not chosen die within the next 5 years. Something strange that happened when the dagger was changed is that all the tattoos of those in the guild who were completely loyal to the guild changed to look like the updated dagger. The dagger will always appear in Dejaii's hand if he calls to it, no matter where it is.
  • Long Bow: Dejaii's bow. Though Dejaii is known for fighting with daggers he also loves fighting from a distance with his bow. The bow was crafted for him by the leader of the Biiree Ranger's Guild. The leader also taught Dejaii how to make arrows.


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