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Author: Thebluevalentine
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Currently Located: Varies
Height: 5'10
Weight: 135lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Seen as black, but a very dark blue
Occupation: Harvester of Life (dramatic title is dramatic!)
Nickname(s): Jacob, Pyotr, Jack, David, Arthur, any other name he can come up with to serve his needs, plus names from other cultures such as Than, Thanatos, Mortimer, Mort, Morana, Valdis, Libitina,
Ukwtakun, and Azrael.

Appears In: A Soldier's Red String



He's bold, brash, reckless, and can sometimes be rather rude. As far as he's concerned, he's the one that's going to keep on living. You're not. So, there is no point in being kind now when you won't have the time to reflect upon his actions. However, it is slowly revealed throughout the storyline that although he sometimes openly admits to wishing he didn't have a heart, he does. Evidence of my claim comes from his relationship with Gretel, whom he is half-forced to interact with due to her being one of those "left behind."

His personality also changes in each scenario. Most of the time he is secretive and sarcastic, but yet very relaxed and very much a fun-lover. But when he's working, he can get very serious. This is due, in part, to the conditions of his job. Imagine being exposed to suffering and bloodshed every single day and you can begin to understand why he completely changes his behavior when dealing with certain scenarios. Although he knows he needs to do it, it also concerns him because he feels that, as Death, he shouldn't need to block out his emotions - something only humans do when under stress. This adds to the number of questions he has piling up in his mind, because he really doesn't know half as much as he would like to about himself.

Skills and Abilities

These are his trademark secrets. You'll have to read the story and see them as they come, because he's not about to divulge everything in one bit.

Special Items

  • Knife: It doesn't have a name, and he doesn't know its origin - he had it on him on the day he "woke up." This is a special sort of dagger that he uses to sever the Life Strings, but it is not necessary to complete Death's task. Rather, it seems the only purpose it has is to be a tool - a way to make his job quicker and easier. Humans, although they couldn't possibly know for sure, are aware that Death has a weapon that he sometimes uses when performing his job - at least, they used to. In Medieval artwork, for example, Death is depicted holding a scythe. However, no living person has ever seen this blade, so the exact origins of the scythe becoming Death's "weapon of choice" are unknown.
  • Life Strings: Not his, per se, but this is the best place to talk about them. These are the "red silk strings" that make up a human's Life. They are what connect his soul to his body, and they are symbolically red because blood is red and without it humans would die, much like how without a soul, a body would not function. They also connect one human to another - for example, if one human kills another and regrets it, a bit of Life String from the victim is tied to one of the strands belonging to the murderer. It is unknown how this transfer takes place.


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