Cyaron "Ralph" Gallagher

Cyaron is the viewpoint character of his story, "Ralph". He changes his name to Ralph about halfway through the book in order to hide his identity; he felt that Ralph was a name easily forgotten.


Author: Matti
Gender: Male
Age: Starts at 13
Date of Birth: April 1st (Same as my little brother.)
Usually Found: Slowly plodding his way down long dirt roads between villages, Jake at his side.
Height: 5'2", and growing.
Weight: Rail-thin, for now. Going hungry does that to you.
Hair Color: Coal black and uber curly.
Eye Color: Gray
Occupation: Runaway
Nickname(s): Ralph
Appears In: "Ralph"


Cyaron grew up in a little town at the base of the mountains with his three older brothers and one older sister. His father was a shopkeeper, a big, rough man who was more ready to kick than to comfort. Luckily, Cyaron's mother could cool even the fieriest temper with her rationality and spunk. All that changed, however, when Cyaron's mother suddenly disappeared when he was 9 years old. But it wasn't until 4 years later, at age 13, when he overhears a conversation between his oldest brother and his father saying they weren't his real family that, fed up with his life, Cyaron ran away… only to be abducted minutes after leaving the city limits.

During the many adventures that follow, Cyaron meets mages and rebels, Kingsmen and assassins, changes his name and teams up with a scruffy layabout bard (Jake) as he strives to find his mother and find out why the heck everyone's always trying to kidnap him.


Being the smallest one in the family, and far more sensitive to the neighbors' opinions, Ralph is a shy, stuttering boy with simple desires. Only the deep unrest of his mother's disappearance could cause him to do something as reckless as run away from home, and he only managed that after years of wishing and thinking and hesitating. As he matures, however, he goes through phases of fear, distrust, anger, and courage as he's forced to focus on simply surviving.


Dancing, fading into the background, and somehow always ending up in the middle of the worst situations ever.


Left Home With:
Bag of Food
Tan shirt
Black Pants
Clothe Shoes

Gained over Winter:
A few spare Coins

Lost/Wore Out over Winter:
Shoes (both pair)

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