It is a strange creature that has many names. Ch'erla'k'eim is a name given to it by the Ki'sek Empire which means "binding monster". It wanders the deep forests in solitude, murmuring words the Ktg'torokg do not understand. Many of the Ki'sek have been hunting it most of their life, having heard its whisperings but never seen its form…


Author: Xovq
Currently Located: Tarakaia
Appears In: Drifter's Seal, Watcher's Amends, Keeper's Key


According to the records kept by the Ki'sek Empire, the Chsh'erla'k'eim is the cause of their current situation of being stranded on an alien planet. It was the work of the Chsh'erla'k'eim that drove them from the vast paradise they had stopped at to reclaim some lost cargo, to a small 'barren' island devoid of the materials required to get back home.


The records describe the Chsh'erla'k'eim as having a terrifying and commanding presence that demands all attention despite having the voice of a child (in Ktg'torokg terms). Recent reports of the Chsh'erla'k'eim's behavior however, indicates a more shy nature which has lead many to believe that the creature now branded with the name is not the same creature.

Skills and Abilities

  • Changing Skin: The patterns on the surface of the Chsh'erla'k'eim change frequently. The black base color remains constant while the white designs and occasionally gray change on a regular basis.

Special Items

  • Healing Liquid: The Chsh'erla'k'eim seems to carry around a strange liquid that has the ability to regenerate organic material.

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