Chaos is one of the Six High Powers. It rarely takes anything seriously. It does not often interfere directly in the world for two reasons: firstly, because its power is completely uncontrollable and therefore is unlikely to have any specific result that may be desired, and secondly, because Chaos does not want to.

Author: Aldraia
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Appears In: To some degree, Starlight; its existence forms part of the background of the Realms of the Dragons

Chaos represents freedom and unpredictability. It stands for chance, but also for choice.
Common strengths of those strong in Chaos: Mental flexibility, unpredictability, willingness to bend or break rules to do what they feel is right, adaptability
Common weaknesses of those strong in Chaos: Capriciousness, a tendency to change their minds, unreliability, willingness to bend or break rules simply for the sake of doing so, disregard for authorities
Powers commonly associated with Chaos: Anything with a chance or randomness element, shapeshifting powers


Chaos recognizes that pure and total lack of order is not actually beneficial. However, it is not capable of understanding how much chaos is too much, and will always feel that the amount of order imposed is too great. Unusually among Powers, whether the Six or the Ten, Chaos assigns no terms to the power it grants -Chaos grants power at its own whim to be used by those who bear it at their whims.


Chaotic power can be used to serve Order, even as Ordered power can be used to cause Chaos.
Do you know why Chaos never achieves anything? Because it has no goal to achieve.


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