Ced Greyholme

Cedaris Greyholme is the bastard prince of Redwood Hamlet. He prefers just to think of himself as a cavalry soldier, and personal guard to his little brother.

Author: Bright Eyes
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 25 (Acts about sixteen)
Date of Birth: The Thirteenth day of the month of the Hunter's Moon (13 October)
Place of Origin: Redwood Hamlet
Currently Located: Redwood Hamlet
Height: 6'2
Weight: 77 kg
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Grey
Occupation: Prince and cavalry soldier
Nickname(s): Ced
Appears In: If Truth Be Told, A Liar Am I


He is the sole bastard born of King Soren Greyholme. Like the other males in his family, he was enlisted into the army from a fairly young age. He does not get along well with the queen, as she sees him as the product of her husband's lust, despite having been born before their marriage. He does not know his birth mother, nor does he care to. He has never gotten on with his uncle

despite the fact that they are both bastards. He has always been deeply protective of his bookish half-brother, Orkhis, and because of this has hindered his own standing in the army. He holds no love for his half-sister, Cerena; he finds her personality grating.


Ced is a laid-back individual, and is very often truly angry. He can be immature, especially when in the company of the other soldiers.He can charm almost anything from anyone, and often does it for no reason other than to prove he can. He is unusually serious if he senses that Orkhis is in any potential danger. He will happily destroy any threat to his brother's safety - he considers this his 'big brother instinct'. He is a better liar than most criminals in the Redwood underworld, a fact which he desperately tries to conceal. He does see the irony. He is good humoured, and snarky. He enjoys being the centre of attention, but has no desire for the throne. This does contribute to his protectiveness of Orkhis.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Swordsman:
  • Horse riding: Can ride without any tack, and without needing to hold on. It was this trick riding that earned him a promotion into the cavalry.
  • Affinity for animals: Especially cats.

Special Items

  • Broadsword: He uses it on guard duty
  • Lance: For when he needs to fight on horseback


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