Cecil Harvey (G!Verse)

Cecil, the King of Baron, is the leader of the heroes who saved the Blue Planet from the Darkness that threatened to overwhelm it. Though his birth was foretold in a prophecy, Cecil is not a particularly flashy person, but is rather very humble and shys from the spotlight.

Author: Rosethornzero
Race: Bey-Human Hybrid
Gender: Male
Age: 20 in GBrei
Date of Birth: December 13th
Place of Origin: Mysidian Coast
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 195 lbs
Hair Color: Pale Silver w/blue highlights
Eye Color: Emerald
Occupation: Paladin, King of Baron
Nickname(s): Cec, Ace
Appears In: Solas Ceasadh, Gaelach Breithe, and Solas Scath


Cecil was discovered by Thomas XVI of Baron and his entourage crying in a forest outside of Vangrad when he was a young toddler. Taken in by the King, he was allowed to live in Castle Baron, though his existence was largely unknown by those outside the Baroni aristocracy.

His earliest life was a sheltered one, spoiled by the King and the Chief Dragon Knights, Richard Highwind and Matthew Farrell. Cecil knew he was an orphan, however, and moved into the barracks to become a page, beginning the path to Knighthood. Tormented by Kain Highwind's boys because of his appearance and his quiet manor, Cecil spent most of his time training with the blade and in the Airship Bay with Cid Pollendina. It was during these years that Cecil's love of airships and swordplay was born.

When entering the First Annual Baroni Flight Competition four years later, Cecil heard a rumor that Rosa Farrell, Matthew's daughter, had gone missing. He noticed the odd behavior of Kain and confronted the older boy, who confessed that he and his friends would not let Rosa come to the forest with them after Cecil bested him in a fight. Putting their differences aside for the sake of the young girl, the two squires set out to the forest and saved her from the goblins that had happened upon her. From that day onward, the three were inseparable. Unfortunately, Cecil had to forfeit the race in order to pursue Rosa, and Cid won the gold that year.

For the next five years, Cecil had many adventures on his way to Knighthood. He crashed his Small Ship across the finish line in the Third Annual Baroni Flight Competition, exterminated a Spine Rat colony that infested Southern Vangrad, and swore off alcohol when he flooded the dungeon level of Castle Baron. When he was fifteen, he was kidnapped by a militant anti-Baron group from Troia and held hostage. When a group was sent to rescue him, they were captured and executed in front of him, among them Kain's parents and Rosa's father. Able to escape after three months, Cecil took a sword to try and threaten the women and escape, but it was a Dark Blade, and it overtook him. Turning his intentions against him, he killed the women without hesitation, unable to remember the act until much later. Corrupted and attached to the Dark Blade, things that meant the world to the young man previously now meant nothing to him.

Thomas XVI sent Cecil to Necrograd to live among the Dark Knights where he was weaned of the Dark Blade. At the King's request, he trained with the very Blade that had corrupted him. As he regained himself over the next two years, he began to feel guilt over what had happened to him, and yearned for the companionship of Kain and Rosa. He was given his chance when Lord Captain Marx of the Baron Red Wings resigned from his post, and Cecil was granted the position by the King. Transferred back to Vangrad, he soon became a celebrity among the people for his heroic deeds at the Red Wing's helm, though he shied away from the spotlight.

Cecil was shocked to see Rosa had grown into a woman, and over the next three years a relationship developed, though Cecil, consumed by his guilt, refused to allow himself to get involved with her. He and Kain went on many hunting trips together, as well as regular joint unit training expeditions, and their relationship returned more or less to what it had been. Cecil won three more Flight Competitions and his life continued until the Crystal Wars, when he became The Paladin Hero after purification on Mount Ordeals that he does not often speak of. Pigeonholed into becoming the King of Baron by the people and the aristocracy alike, Cecil married Rosa and ascended the throne, where he still rules.


Cecil is quiet and stern, but very earnest, which endears him to other people. He embarrasses easily, speaks very formally, and has excellent posture, likely due to his military upbringing. He is socially awkward, and does not feel comfortable around large crowds, getting awards, or with new people. He tends to make friends with outgoing and friendly people the most often, because they are always the first to approach him. He hates to dress up, and is a man of relatively simple tastes and is easy to please when it comes to the things he enjoys to do. He enjoys flying because he feels it frees him, writing because he is a deep thinker and physical activity because it allows him to stop thinking. A perfectionist when it comes to paperwork and a meticulous dresser, he is actually a cluttered individual, and is a penny pincher, probably a good thing for Baron's national budget. He is a mild-mannered and even tempered companion and is infinitely forgiving, though he does expect the moral best out of everyone, holding them up to his own high standards. Cecil tends to overlook the obvious under pressure, and is not always able to keep his composure when he feels that something precious to him or his companions is being threatened. Despite this, he is a brilliant swordsman and general, who understands the nuances of war better than even Cid understands airships, and when his mind is clear he is a capable and cool individual. Hard working to a fault, his work ethic is matched only by his humble nature, which is really a result of his pessimism, though that has been somewhat alleviated since he became a Paladin. Ultimately, Cecil is the kind of man who would give a complete stranger the shirt off his back if there was a need to be met, and is a loyal, kind, and rather funny man to be around for those he considers his closest friends; though it certainly takes much to gain his trust and even more to break it.

Skills and Abilities

  • "It comes with the territory, you see": (Cecil speaking to Yang about his new-found healing power) Cecil possesses minor healing magics as a result of his Paladin skills. They are not enough to completely revive allies or sooth all their wounds, but they are enough to heal minor injuries, provide relief from fatigue, and cure certain illnesses. He also possesses the ability to sense someone's intentions, a result of his already sharp intuition being heightened due to his Paladin transformation. Cecil did not realize that the way healing feels depends on the person casting the spell, and discovered that his own magic has a cool, soothing quality to it.
  • Reaction Time/Reflexes: Also because of his Paladin transformation, Cecil possesses the ability to leap to his ally's defense and aide in times impossible for normal humans. Though it is unknown why he is able to do this, it is an ability that has saved many lives. This ability is linked closely to his incredible stamina.
  • Pilot:He's won first in every Annual Flight Competition except for the first two. He still competes, even as King, though Rosa doesn't think its fair for the citizens to have to race their King. She seems to think they'll let him win, but Cecil asserts she doesn't understand the competitive spirit if she believes that. He continues to win even now.
  • Seer: He's won first in every Annual Flight Competition except for the first two. He still competes, even as King, though Rosa doesn't think its fair for the citizens to have to race their King. She seems to think they'll let him win, but Cecil asserts she doesn't understand the competitive spirit if she believes that. He continues to win even now.
  • Swordplay: A master swordsman, there are few in Baron who can match Cecil's prowess with a blade. One of them was Kain, but his chosen path has caused him to become rusty. He still spars with the members of his guard, including the captain, Kalintha Monroe, to be able to keep his skills sharp.
  • "I may be quick, but you'd have to tie him to the ground to keep him down!": (Edge speaking of Cecil's stamina) Cecil's stamina was never noted when he was a Dark Knight, because he used it all in fueling his attacks, but once he became a Paladin it seemed to come into play. In fact, Cecil seemed to become able to take more and more, becoming the support pillar of his companions when they were exhausted. This inexhaustable source of energy is thought to come from his deep Lunarian heritage.

Special Items

  • The Gaelach Blade: A blade KluYa had inscribed with the words of a prophecy he made long ago, he passed it onto Cecil when he came to the Shrine on Mount Ordeals. Imbued with Holy Light, the blade is made of a special, pure metal. The pommel and cross guard both are inlaid with Crystals that resonate with the power of the wielder, strengthening the blade based upon the strength of his spirit.
  • "Knight of the Blue Planet": A title given to Cecil by the Elder Maximillian of Mysidia. It embodies his position of the savior of the Blue Planet, and the Hero of the Gaelach Prophecy. It is an official title he possesses, and is introduced by before he enters rooms, much to his great embarrassment.
  • Cecilia's Ring: The ring that Cecil cannot remember KluYa giving him when he was two, he was discovered with it. It was the ring KluYa used to propose to Cecilia, Cecil's mother, and Cecil uses it to propose to Rosa. Currently, she wears it, but because Rosa is his wife, and it is going to stay in the family, I consider it Cecil's possession.
  • Holy Light: An intangible possession granted to Cecil by KluYa, further weakening the disembodied spirit. It is KluYa's own Light, passed on to Cecil, who exudes it with out even realizing he does so. It makes him nearly luminescent from time to time, though he also does not realize this. Of course, it drives away the Darkness with ease.

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