Cecil Harvey (BSC)

Cecil Harvey is the half-Lunar Paladin King of Baron in the Bluestar dimension. After the Crystal Wars, Cecil returned to Baron a celebrated hero. Along with the other chosen heroes, he was directly involved in the the defeat of Golbez and the return of the Crystals to the respective nations. Cecil thought the the involvement of the Lunars in human affairs ended with the departure of the moon. However, the return of Golbez along with the discovery of dimensional travel threaten to disturb the short-lived peace in his life…


Author: Syntyche
Race: Half-Lunar
Gender: Male
Age: Twentysomething now…
Date of Birth:
Place of Origin: Mysidia, Bluestar Realms
Currently Located: Baron Castle, Bluestar Realms
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Legendary Paladin King of Baron
Appears In: The Unwritten Bluestar Story


While his exploits during the Crystal War were well known, little of Cecil's origins are well known to many people, including himself. He has been an orphan for as long as anyone can remember, coming to Baron with an expedition of soldiers. Though he had no family or noble standing, he was well-loved amongst the castle population, with Cid Pollendina, Weaponsmaster Drake, and even the King of Baron serving as parental figures.

His love for airships and flying was cultivated serving as a page to Cid Pollendina's Baronian Shipworks. It was quickly found that he had an aptitude for piloting, winning his first race before adulthood. He looked up to the newly formed Red Wings of Baron, and knew his dream would be to spend most of his life in the skies. However, the path to the Red Wings would be difficult; without the proper bloodline to become a ranking officer, he would have to work his way up through the ranks.

Hoping to prove himself, Cecil first joined the Baronian Regulars, starting his training with the Weaponsmaster Drake. With his keen mind for strategy and his exceptional skill with the blade, Cecil quickly moved his way up in the ranks, leading several successful offensives to battle rogue mercenaries and terrifying dragons along the borders. With his successes in hand, and the extreme popularity amongst the people of Baron, the King of Baron elevated Cecil to the command of the Red Wings. Along with this, Cecil was asked to take up the Dark Sword, and become the lead Dark Knight of Baron. Not long after, the events that would precipitate the Crystal Wars would begin.

At the end of the wars, Cecil would find himself taking the throne of Baron, reluctantly taking the position, marrying his childhood sweetheart Rosa. When he saw the Lunar moon disappear, he thought that it would be the last he would have to deal with the Lunarian people and the remainder of his family…


Cecil is a serious, focused leader, putting the welfare of his people before himself. He tends to be congenial, though a bit formal - except for around those that know him very well. He lives by the code of the Paladin, protecting and defending the weak, and slaying dark creatures at any cost. He is an extremely skilled tactician, and tends to be rational and calm even under extreme pressure. Although he is capable of using healing magics, he is distrustful of magic and "hand-wavers," - and has even less confidence if the wizard is skilled in dark magic. At times, he struggles with bouts of overseriousness and tends to be extremely around 'reformed' individuals. Somewhat xenophobic, he chooses to shy away from his Lunar and Mysidian heritage, struggling to maintain the normalcy of a Baronian human existance.

Skills and Abilities

  • "Not a Handwaver!": Cecil is a world-class swordsman, easily capable of besting champions of other nations with ease. He also has moderate skill with an assortment of hand to hand weapons, and has basic skills with archery. He is also skilled at riding chocobos and other animals, and is capable of fighting well while mounted on choco-back.
  • Piloting: Cecil is one of the best pilots in the known world, capable of flying most Blue Planet craft with ease. He is also capable of flying the Big-Whale, which uses a direct neural interface to fly. It is unknown whether he is capable of flying other Lunar craft.
  • Magic: As a Paladin, Cecil has minor skill in healing and restorative magics - which allows him to stablize and heal minor wounds. He is nowhere as skilled as a good White Mage. Part of this may be due to his attitude about magic more than his raw potential.
  • Lunar/Paladin Agility/Timing: Cecil has what is considered to be superhuman agility and reflexes, allowing him to unleash blazingly fast attacks on opponents. Much of this power was gained through a direct infusion of energy as he became a Paladin.
  • Ruler Kingdom of Baron: As the King of Baron, Cecil is the direct commander of the Red Wings, and has the resources of the military and economic might of Baron at his disposal. The downside to this is that he has the responsibility and endless paperwork of running the day to day affairs of the kingdom.

Special Items

  • Legendary Crystal Sword: A sword originally crafted by his father, KluYa. During the Crystal Wars, the Sword was modified and reforged with an adamantium edge. The sword is imbued with the the power of Light, causing devasting damage to both undead and shadow element monsters.
  • Crystal Armor and Equipment: Hardened, but flexible and lightweight armor found on the Lunarian Moon. When facing enemies, Cecil wears this armor into battle.

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