KluYa (Kale Hansen/Gaelach)

The Seer of the BeyLarc people, KluYa has a long, sorted history, most of which is outlined here.

Author: Rosethornzero
Race: BeyLarc/Lunarian
Gender: Male
Age: Physically around 25-28. He's actually much older, having been in and out of stasis for the past 1000 or more years.
Date of Birth: N/A
Place of Origin: The Planet BeyLarc
Currently Located: The Abandon Shrine to the Twin Gods on Mt. Ordeals
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color: Pale Silver White, precieved by Humans to be a pale white-blonde
Eye Color: Dark, opalescent violet, precieved by Humans to be a dark blue
Occupation: Seer/Paladin
Nickname(s): Klu
Appears In: Gealach Rose, Gaelach Brethie and UNTITLED PREQUEL


KluYa was born on the Lunarian home world of BeyLa, the youngest of five siblings. He grew up being somewhat of a black sheep amoungst his family, interested in the physical instead of magical. Despite his disinterest in such things, KluYa was discovered to be an incredibly powerful Seer when he Foresaw the destruction of Beyla when too young to understand what it was he was seeing. Forced into the Academy of High Magic beacause of his ability, KluYa became incredibly disatisfied with his life, for he wanted no more than to tinker and build machines, which he was denied because of his bearing and his gift. Despite his own disatisfaction, and the ridicule of his peers, KluYa succeded in his studies, though he was somewhat of a dissapiontment fo his parents because he refused to elect to go to the Facilty of the Higher Learning; which his brother had graduated from with Full Merits, and was soon to become a Watcher, a traditional Guardan of the BeyLarc people. KluYa and the rest of his family evacuated their planet when KluYa had another vision shortly after graduting from The Academy. Fortunately, they took the majority of the BeyLarc with them, though their were those who were destroyed in what KluYa, the only one who knew what had destroyed BeyLa, only called The Calamity.
The BeyLa spent 123 years in stasis, traveling in their vessel, which they disguised as a moon when they reached the place they called The Blue Planet. The Watchers sent out their souls to scout the planet and revealed to the other BeyLarc telepathically. KluYa saw the visions of the scattered, savage, Human tribes and was filled with compassion towards them; he asserted that they should go to The Blue Planet and treat with the Humans. The other BeyLarc disagreed, saying that the Humans were too uncivilized. One disagreed with him more than the rest. A BeyLarc technician called ZeMus (Zemus) claimed they should eradicate the Humans using their Superior Magics and Technology. The Watchers, enraged, sealed him away in the core of their Space Vessel so that his twisted thoughts could not contaminate the BeyLarc Collective Mind that they shared while in Stasis. Eventually, after much debating, The Watchers agreed with KluYa that more intesive study of Humans was required. They would send him to The Blue Planet's surface to cultivate BeyLarc technology and foster growth in the Humans while The Watcher FuSoYa would guard the Control Center (Crystal Palace), which was the only hint of their gleaming spaceship's exterior that yet remained, and the BeyLarc People. He would be in Demi-Solid form (projecting an Astral of himself), while KluYa retained a physical body so he could become closer to Hummanity.
KluYa sent his own soul out to learn the Human Language. He dubbed their race 'Lunarians' during this time, for he learned the Humans called their Natural Moon Selene, and their strange new moon Lunar. For the next 50 years he alternatively built the airship he called the Lunar Whale and learned their Language while in stasis. Eventually, he descended to The Blue Planet, where he had another vision and discovered that ZeMus was using his own soul to corrupt Humans and build Lunarian bases around the world. Only The Chosen One, The Pillar of The Five, could stop ZeMus and The Harbinger from destroying The Blue Planet's precious life. To this end, KluYa began to facilitate anti-ZeMus forces and taught the Mysidi tribe in his brother's name, calling FuSoYa 'Brethie.' He taught them edicts of peace, love and faith, Dissatisfied, however, he returned to the heavens to contemplate his plan. 100 years later he descended once more to find that a small civilzation was begining to rise, and it called itslef 'Baron.' To 'Baron' he gave many of his secrets, handing them documents relating to airships, warfare, and transport. He also taught them honor, and that retribution was not the most important thing, love was. He hoped one day they would be a force against ZeMus. He then returned to his brother's side and slept for nearly 830 years, sending his soul to scout the planet periodically.
Once Baron and Mydidia had matured, he returned to find that the people of those countries and transformed him and his brother into gods. Unable to set them right, he traveled both countries, and found that he was pleased with Baron especially. While there he fell in love with Baron's (virgin) Queen, Cecilia Harvey, previously Cecilia Highwind. Loosing his Holy powers because of his sinful feelings, KluYa could do nothing except watch the woman, who quickly became smitten with him. The King of Baron, seeing her budding infidelity, annuled their marriage and banished his once-Queen and the strange man who called himself 'Kale.' The two moved to the Baroni coastline, which (then) had not yet been annexed by the great nation, and was controled by Mysidia. Soon, KluYa was a happy husband and father of his first son, Theodore Hansen, to whom he gave the BeyLarc name of DioYa. When Theodore was about 7 KluYa had another vision, and finally understood that he would have two sons who would be the fufilment of his vision. DioYa would be The Harbinger and bring to fruition all of ZeMus' evil plans, while his unborn (not even concieved) son, LuYa (aka, Cecil Harvey) would be The Chosen One. Pained by the revalation, KluYa tried to protect his son Theodore, but when Cecilia concieved once more when Theodore was barely over 8, the Lunarian knew the time was coming. Cecilia died in child birth, and KluYa gave his sickly infant son two names, Cecil as his Human name, and LuYa as his BeyLarc. He tried to care for his two sons while traveling to protect their identites, but was killed by ZeMus' pawn Rubicante, who chased down the boys. Theodore, being brave, left three year old Cecil under a tree near Baron's capital city of Vangrad and lead the fiend away, but was captured himself and taken away to be brainwashed. Later, his memories would be modified by ZeMus to make him think he willingly gave himself to the monster.
KluYa's body, though dead, did not mean the death of his soul, and the fading soul of the BeyLarc Seer soon took residence on Mt. Ordeals, where an abandon shrine to the Twin Gods kept him just aware enough to watch his sons grow up sperately, both suffering, both alone…


KluYa is sharp-as-a-tack smart, and though he may seem a bit chilly at first, it is because this is how he gauges what kind of person an individual is (based upon how they react to his chiliness). He is a genuine, honest, and sometimes silly individual, who will bat down his brother's and wife's scoldings as if they were water off a duck's back. Deep down, however, KluYa is contemplative and introspective, and no amount of outward smiling and laughing will ever change that.

Skills and Abilities

KluYa is a Seer of the High Class. His visions are incredibly realistic and he can remember them with frightening clarity. However, they are painful for him to have, because they call to him something that is very far away across time and this puts stress on his brain.

Back on BeyLar KluYa was known as a Patinia Grandei (A Shining Noble), which is simply a Paladin upon the Blue Planet. Paladins posess incredibly skill with swords and other heavy, armor cleaving, close range combat weapons, however, they are the only ones in any world that can weild Holy Blades. Paladins are also well versed in healing arts and cannot use any form of Black Magic. They can loose their powers, if they are too deeply involved in a vice.

Master Ship Builder and Engineer. KluYa can build anything, even if he doesn't have a blueprint. He's always had a natural feel for what should go where. It is sure that he would give even Cid a run for his money on this front.


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