Calvin is the Vampire prince, and dosn't take kindly to surprises, including Kira.

Author: mizkittycat
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: ??
Date of Birth: ??
Place of Origin: Amadore
Currently Located: Amadore
Height: 6'3
Weight: 7
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: black
Occupation: Prince
Nickname(s): Vamp, Prince
Appears In: Amadore Chronicles


Calvin dosn't speak much of his history, both his parents died during wars, although the vampires are at more peace than they ever were with vampires, he still hate's all humans, and he can only remember one human who has been kind to him


Calvin's got stubborness that matchs Kira, and they are always at each others throat. Calvin is very biased and sometimes highly-opinionated, he always thinks he's right. So you can imagine how much he dislikes Kira when she always Questions his belief's and ways.
though he may be very old in human terms, as far as vampires are concerned he's still just a teenager and learning, though he always acts older and wiser than everyone else.

Skills and Abilities

Calvin has basic vampire abilities and a bit more since he's part of the royal line of his clan.

  • Speed: Can move incredably fast.
  • Strength: Stronger than most demons in Amadore
  • Read Mind: All vampires can vaguely read humans minds, like what emtion their feeling, and if its one thing running though they minds, they can read the throught. And they can also see dreams. and in the royal line's case, they can touch their forehead to someone else's, they can read the person's memories.
  • Special~
  • Blood-block: If he has an object with the blood of someone on it, he can use it to inflict pain and temporaily paralyse them
  • **Fly: Vampires can't actually fly, but they can jump high and the time taken before they fall back down is longer than in other demons in amadore, Vampires of the royal line can do this with a lot more ease than ordinary vampires, as they don't get worn out.

Special Items

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  • Amulet: He takes a drop of blood from anyone he's met and if he needs to he can then use Blood-block
  • Sword: a sword half his height with red crystal's in the hilt, he only uses it when he intends to kill.
  • **Sygnet ring: Proof of his royal heritage

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