Calla Lennox

A young, spirited female Baronian noble, she becomes one of the first members of the newly-created White Mage Corps of the Royal Army of Baron. She is the childhood sweetheart of Bryan Farrell, and the mother of the fair Rosa.


Author: Abyrae
Full Name: Calla Deirdre Lennox
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Undetermined at this time
Place of Origin: Baron
Height: Undetermined at this time
Weight: Undetermined at this time
Hair Color: Pale blonde
Eye Color: Violet
Occupation: White Mage
Nickname(s): None
Appears In: 'Rae's Unnamed FFIV Saga


Calla Lennox was raised among the minor nobility in Baron. She started displaying an innate ability for White Magic at a young age, but her family refused to have her sent to Mysidia to develop her talents. The creation of the White and Black Magic Corps a few years later would offer her the opportunity to study the healing arts.

She met her childhood sweetheart, Bryan, during that period. After he became a full-fledged Dragon Knight, he would regularly visit her in the Infimary, although it was often because a certain hot-headed friend of his needed to be patched up. While she had a hard time resisting to Erik's boyish charm, something which sometime exasperated poor Bryan, Calla often playfully flirted back, and never missed an occasion to tease him after every single one of Meredith's (her second cousin twice removed) oft-embarrassing and painful rebuttals.

When the political climate changed in Baron following King Odin's ascent to the throne, Calla struggled to not openly show her worry about her loved ones and instead focused on the education of her and Bryan's newly born daughter, Rosa. She was helpless to save Meredith and Erik, something which still gnaws on her mind almost two decades later.

After Bryan passed away during a nasty flu epidemic in Baron, Calla became overly-protective of her daughter. Hoping Rosa would get romantically involved with her close friends' son, Kain, she was displeased when the girl instead got her heart set on the King's pupil Cecil, a young orphan of unknow origins who was set to become a Dark Knight.


During her younger years, Calla was not unlike her daughter Rosa: warm-hearted, nurturing, and playful. Many tragedies in her adult years however had hardened her heart and left her prone to anxiety, self-doubt, and distrust. She always wished the best for her daughter, never missing an occasion to nag at "that no-good boy" for courting, and later getting wed to Rosa. With Cecil's ascent to the throne, however, the constant criticism stopped, but the fear of seeing those she loves hurt was renewed.

Skills and Abilities

  • White Magic: As a White Mage, Calla is able to use most White Magic spells of the first and second tiers, and even a few of the third tier spells.

Special Items

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  • White cloak: An old hooded cloak made of a fine white wool, with a pattern of red triangles sewn on the lining. This is the traditional garb of White Mages all around the Blue Planet.
  • Red pin: A small silver pin with red enamel, depicting the coat-of-arms of the Kingdom of Baron. Worn by the members of the various Corps of the Baronian Army without an uniform.

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