Caitlyn Renolds

Caitlyn Renolds is one of the three main characters of Sin City. And also a target for a lot of scrutiny ammoungst both the Enforcement and The Hunter's Guild because vampires are known for joining the Underground and killing humans for pleasure.


Author: mizkittycat
Race: Type 3* vampire
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Date of Birth: 17 december 1987
Place of Origin: London
Currently Located: Cambridge
Height: 5'6
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: faded blue
Occupation: Works for the Enforcement
Nickname(s): Katie
Appears In: Sin City


Not much is known about Caitlyn, both ot her co-workers and to herself. she has no memories preceeding her awaking as a vampire. And she has yet to come accross someone whos blood can return her memories. All she knows of herself is that whatever upbringing she did have, it has had a huge impact on the kind of vampire she is today. Even though she can technically bite a human providing she doesn't take enough blood to kill them, she instead chooses to drink sythetic blood. She lives in a two room apartment with a small balcony and city view.


Caitlyn keep to herself and doesn't like opening up or showing weakness. She is seen as Loner because she doesn't accept partners on missions or
patrols round the streets. She has a huge dislike of hunters because she sees them how highly-judgemental pricks who don't think about what kind of a life a perso had before or after being turned. She especially doesn't like it when people purposely pry into her business just to see if she's "going bad". Despite all her coldness, Caitlyn is actually a very honest - to a point of cruel bluntness sometimes-, trustworthy and caring friend. She isn't the type to bail someone out anytime soon.

Skills and Abilities

the basic vamp stuff…

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • **Blood Bind: She can use her blood to make a magic circle and immobolise her opponants. not that uncommon, but a skill that take a lot of mastery

any other powers haven't been descovered yet…

Special Items

Describe your Figment's special items here.

  • **necklace: As is the law, Caitlyn wears a bound necklace (it can never come off) with a V inside a circle on it. The brade for vampires

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