Cain Adam Oatsworth



Son of Mike and Lily Oatsworth, a Golden Werewolf and White Angel respectively, that makes him a Golden Werewolf half blood, but with much stronger powers compared to the others in his mountain village home. Cain looks a lot like Adam, his family's ancestor, who is labeled as a traitor in the village's old records, but why is still unknown. Cain is the reincarnation of Princess Stellalena NiiSae from StarFire: The Teal Light Dimension.

Note 1: Cain (James, maybe) is a total Masochist.

Note 2: Cain loves it when Theodore buys him cakes/brownies.

Author: Silver Goddess

Age: 29

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 188 lbs.

Race: Half Golden Werewolf**/White Angel of Noble Birth

Place of Origin: The Oatsworth Slayer Village

Status: Alive — WC/ Deceased — TGDWs

Occupation: Gold Ranked Vampire/Demon Slayer

Likes: Theodore, Sweets, Meats, Green Vegetables, Roses, Reading, and….Sex

"The Mark": Is a bright red bat winged shaped heart**


Seleneity Ruby "Selene" Oatsworth {Cain's deceased younger twin, and an all powerful terribly clumsy warrior}

Lily (Queen Lucia NiiSae) Oatsworth {Cain's mother, Guardian of the village, and now former Queen from StarFire, Green Terra}

Mike Oatsworth {Cain's father, Chief of the village and hates Theodore with a deep passion}

◇◇Theodore Jack Darklore◇◇

Kalea Pearl Jade

Ace Cross

Lady Reina TealLeea {mother, ex-wife of Duke, Ultra Sailor Red Death, Queen of all Vampires and Goddess of Flames, currently missing}

Duke Ken "Black Killer" Hansen {father, former Vampire King, God of True Darkness and completely brainwashed puppet of JoCeno}

Connie Monroe {"cousin" of Theodore, Thunder Demon Princess and New Police Officer at Theo's station and she helps with Kalea's team, the Blue Light Warriors}

Bio: The very top best Vampire/Demon Slayer from his home village but he was sent out by his beautiful mother, Lily, and strict father, Mike, to hunt and kill Psycho Keia Blaze and the former King Duke Hansen. It was during his long travels that Cain had met and fell in love with Theodore Jack Darklore, at the time Cain was 18 years old. He once had a twin sister named Selene (she is later rencarianed as Serena/Sailor Moon, herself) but one day four miles outside of the village, Psycho Keia had killed her right in front of Cain's two long time best friends, Jackson and Jason Dellaciio**.

**Although Cain is half werewolf, he does not have a full on wolf form, but he can have ears and a tail, same color as his hair.

** "The Mark" is a Vamipre's version of a powerful binding "Spell" in which they bite the person they love deeply and mark that person as their lover for all eternity, a bond that's so strong that it will always carry over to all of that person's reincarnations until "he/she" is reunited with the Vampire that gave "him/her" "The Mark" in the first place. Since Cain, himself, has it on the lower left side of his neck, then in all good sense James should have it there too.

**They're cousins, who act more like brothers and are the living ancestors of Dico and Dica, who are in fact French, but older than humans of Terra (White Light).

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