Caiae Elisa

OC by Me and Art done by (blank):


Author: Silver Goddess

Race: Aquarylos

Gender: Female

Whirll (Age): 129

Date of Birth:

Place of Origin: Aquaryl, Wavesshockmard,

Currently Located: Oceamqeall, Kondledd, Corals’Leaf, Etairsiplla Apartments

Height: 5'5"


Sexualities/Sexual Orientations: Noh’Dru: Equivalent to being Asexual.

Dexterity: Mostly Right–Handed

Hair Color: Cool Greys with Neon Blue dye in the bangs' longer fringes

Eye Color: Light Cool Greys

Skin–tone: Pearl Pure White

Occupation: Moonibells Resort Cevmew (Waiter/Server/Host)

Nickname(s): Cai, Cailie

Story: Aquaryl

Caiae's Name Pronunciation:



Caiae is Anba's only friend (well at first) and also one of his coworkers. She easily gets nervous around their stern boss Lhafvoxam Glassè, who is one of the lead managers for the Moonibells Resort, largely because she can be clumsy sometimes and doesn't want to get scolded for breaking things even if by accident again, since he's well known to be tough and she actually hates confrontations. She's known Anba ever since he first started working at the resort whirlls (years) ago now and hopes that he'll be able to eventually achieve his future goals in his life that he's set up for himself, she strongly believes that he can do it.


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