Björn Raganhar

The current Duke of Alont and former Prince of the North, Björn is one of the most influential characters of Serenis. An arrogant yet friendly and (sometimes) wise man, still powerful despite his age, he is a ruler that is loved by the majority of his people.


Author: Abyrae
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 73
Date of Birth: 12th day of Gallas, 1626 (February 3rd, 1626)
Place of Origin: Berevene, Alont
Height: 6'1" (185.4 cm)
Weight: Around 190 lbs (86.2 kg) in his prime, now around 215 lbs (97.5 kg)
Hair Color: Ash blond, greyed with age
Eye Color: Grey
Occupation: Duke of Alont; former Prince of the North
Nickname(s): Bear
Appears In: Serenis
Theme: Two Steps From Hell - Norwegian Pirate





Skills and Abilities

  • Combat: Björn has been taught in the use of various forms of combat, both armed and unarmed. He excels at swordplay, especially with the traditional Alontian longsword, but is also particularly skilled as a hand-to-hand combatant due to his stature and muscular physique.

Special Items

  • Alontian Prince uniform (field): It consists of a grey long-sleeved shirt with black pants, black tall boots, a maroon high-collared sleeveless jerkin, a silver and agate shield-shaped medallion worn clasped at the jerkin's collar, and a pair of silver and agate ear cuffs.
  • Alontian Prince uniform (dress): The dress uniform is similar to the field uniform, except it is made of nicer fabrics, the pants are white, and the jerkin has been replaced by a long-sleeved white coat adorned with maroon trims and aiguillettes.
  • Alontian Prince medallion: As a former Prince of the North, Björn's medallion is set with a cloud agate cabochon.

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