Benjamin Ya

Golbez Benjamin Ya (Ben) is the Ex-Dark Lord of the Blue Planet from the Darkstar Dimension. Five years after the end of the Crystal War, he returned to the Blue Planet and has taken up residence in the city of Baron ever since.


Author: Aywren
Race: Lunar
Gender: Male
Age: Young 40-ish (Young for a Lunar)
Date of Birth: March 2nd
Place of Origin: Mysidia, Darkstar Dimension
Currently Located: Baron, Darkstar Dimension
Height: 6′ 9”
Weight: 278 lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Headmaster of the Baronian Academy
Nickname(s): Benny, Spinerat
Appears In: Shimmer, Coming of the Darkstar, Wayrift


Ben is Cecil’s brother, the eldest son of KluYa, and is of Half Lunar, Half Human blood. He was raised in Mysidia untill the age of 12 when his family was killed and he was taken by Zeromus. Through years of extreme torture, testing and training, he was twisted and manipulated… while his natural abilities of the Dark Arts were nurtured and vastly increased. Once his power was fully grown, he became Zeromus’ ultimate weapon, sent down to bring war and destruction to the Blue Planet as the Dark Lord Golbez.

During the Crystal Wars, his greatest enemy was his brother, Cecil, who eventually became a holy Paladin warrior. Eventually, Zeromus’ mind control over Ben was shattered by the Lunarian Sage, FuSoYa. Freed from the power that had once controlled him, Ben took up arms to help destroy Zeromus. Afterwards, he chose to return to stay with his father’s people, the Lunarians, upon the Red Moon, which then left the Earth’s orbit seeking a new home for the people within.

A new colony was established by the surviving Lunarians on a distant planet. However, a twist of fate, Ben was forced to return to the Blue Planet to seek out his brother’s help in the matter of the theft of a powerful Crystal artifact, Incrytan. Ultimately, this lead to their joining of forces to battle against a new growing threat to the Blue Planet, and Ben’s first transformation into the entity known as Sygnus. Afterward, Ben returned to Baron where he still remains a silent guardian, watching over the people of the Blue Planet.



Because of the extreme nature of his past, it seems that much of his early life memories have been confined or erased due to Zeromus’ mindcontrol. Upon returning to the Blue Planet, Ben was not much more emotionally or socially advanced than the boy that was stolen away from his family at the age of 12. Generally, he is a rather shy, yet openly friendly individual, often well liked for his natural fun-loving disposition. He often takes up his middle name “Benjamin” with those who know him well and while traveling, preferring to hide his more infamous identity whenever possible.

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Skills and Abilities

  • His abilities grow stronger in the Infinite Ways, where all dimensions meet. He can walk the Ways and attempt use to its powers without the common adverse mental/psychological effects that most people experience.
  • He is naturally in tune with the elements and ancient powers of soul and spirit, and can use this knowledge to craft unique spells often unknown to magic users of the Blue Planet.
  • Has the inborn ability to craft and enchant objects.
  • Has the ability to manipulate magic once a spell has been cast at him. He can either absorb the spell to empower his defense, or turn the destructive force back on the original caster. However, the more powerful the spell, the more effort it takes to manipulate it. The more times he attempts to turn a number of spells in succession, the more of his energy is sapped until he will be too drained to do so. This tends to lend to only individual-based spells. Larger wide-ranged magic (such as Big Bang or Meteo) cannot be manipulated.
  • He can learn magics “by ear”… having seen a spell cast once, he can often learn and repeat it.
  • He is immune to poisons.
  • He can sense emotional auras of others around him.
  • He is, however, VERY weak against Holy Magics. Though he can use spirit magics, casting it makes him very ill and quite weak, and having it cast upon him (even a little healing spell) brings great pain.

Special Items

  • Onyx Darkblade: Lunarian sword forged by KluYa, passed to Ben by FuSoYa. The sword is crafted of pure Soulfire, at extreme polarities to Ben’s dark gifts. Onyx loves to be noticed, often burning with a deep green light and humming when drawn for battle.
  • Lunar Medallion: This brilliant green medallion was crafted by Ben's father, KluYa. He received it after his failed trial at Mt. Ordeals and wears it as a reminder of his father's final wishes.


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