Beatrice Wissenschaft

A shy, bookish woman, she is a child prodigy and one of the most prominent scientists of the Commonwealth. Her vast knowledge and her numerous inventions and scientific discoveries are great assets to the team.


Author: Abyrae and Michael Ramirez
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Place of Origin: Prosperity Point, Marcaria
Height: 5'4" (162 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (58.9 kg)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: Scientist
Nickname(s): Bea
Appears In: The Outrider Chronicles


Beatrice comes from an artisan class family renowned for their scientific achievements, and she shows every sign that she will live up to this heritage if not surpass it by leaps and bounds. Since her birth, she has had an insatiable desire for knowledge, taking in whatever she could. Learning to read scientific texts when some children are still getting their ABCs straight, Bea has been labeled as a genius by her instructors as well as just about anyone else since she was quite young, which has not always resulted in her best interests.

Pushed through the primary education system of the capital at a breathtaking pace, she was accepted to Golden Hill University at the unheard of age of 14 years old. It was here that she met Avita Del Mercader, who as part of her requirements for her studies in Leadership and Politics was assigned to act as a mentor and confidant for the young girl. Though at first Avita just considered her to be an obstacle to be overcome on her path up, she began to notice a quiet determination and confidence in her, something she herself sometimes lacked. Though Beatrice had essentially no friends save for some professors and Avita, she still excelled in her studies, graduating along with Avita's class, and the two have been quite close ever since.

After graduation, Golden Hill offered her a position within their research department, which she readily accepted. From that day to the present, she has been a constant sight on the University grounds, or at the very least she would be if she did not spend most of her time with her head buried behind a stack of books in the library or locked away in some dark laboratory.

Though she has often been mistaken for a student on the campus, her accomplishments cannot be ignored. Beatrice has been involved in the creation of multiple new fields of research and scientific study and has invented numerous devices and other items, some of which her friend Avita has put to good use on her own missions.


Beatrice's personality is a study of opposites in and of itself. Though she is quite shy and quiet around other people, her extreme curiosity can make her quite determined and heedless to danger (and other people for that matter) if she locks on to something interesting or is in the middle of working on something. She must learn and know everything she can, and this often overrides other desires. She is quite capable of talking to someone about scientific or arcane matters but tends to clam up when the conversation turns to other matters. Beatrice also tends to leave things half-finished, not because she looses interest as so much as often a new idea will enter her head and she'll be moved to start on that right away. She is very conscious about this habit and will always return to her previous work eventually, and see it through to success or a spectacular failure.

Bea has absolutely no feminine wiles when it comes to the opposite sex, and is more likely to blush nervously and scurry away than talk to a boy she likes. She is however capable of bravery in an extreme situation if it regards someone she cares deeply for.

Skills and Abilities

It might be easier to list the things Beatrice doesn't know how to do, though suffice it to say she is an expert in almost everything save fighting and romance. Though most of this is book knowledge, she has a surprising amount of actual field experience in a number of fields, even if she tried it out for a short period of time just to learn more about it.

Her best skill would be her ability to improvise devices to fit specific needs, often with… unexpected results.


How Beatrice fits all her scientific equipment is still a mystery to modern science and it is just assumed magic is involved. Suffice it to say she has a tool or device for almost every situation imaginable. Other than that, she only has one bag for clothing, which of course is mostly filled up with notes and sketch books and very little actual attire.

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