Avita Del Mercader

A young woman from one of the wealthiest aristocratic families or Marcaria, she works as a diplomat for the Marcarian Commonwealth. She is the brain and the de facto leader of the first Outrider team.


Author: Abyrae and Michael Ramirez
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Place of Origin: Prosperity Point, Marcaria
Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight: 140 lbs (63.5 kg)
Hair Color: Flaxen
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Expeditionary Ambassador
Nickname(s): Avi
Appears In: The Outrider Chronicles


Born to a wealthy, aristocratic family, Avita grew up among the real power brokers in the Commonwealth. Her family has been involved in the ruling Council of Marcaria since the founding of the Commonwealth over 200 years ago, with multiple members serving as Patriarch or Matriarch. Currently Avita’s mother, Katrina Del Mercader, serves as Matriarch of the Marcarian Commonwealth, and many in the know expect Avita to some day assume this position.

She attended the best schools, both in the Commonwealth and abroad, and has developed a broad repertoire of skills and knowledge, as well as quite a large list of contacts both professional and personal in just about every land currently recognized by Marcaria. It was during her second year of schooling at the Golden Hill University that she first met Beatrice Wissenschaft when she was assigned to mentor the young girl, who was only 14 at the time. Though they were quite opposites in personality they quickly struck up a bond that has lasted to the present day.

Though most people in her position would have either gone into the family business, which in this case was a extremely successful shipping company, or just live the life of a wealthy socialite, Avita chose instead to put her knowledge of the world as well as her natural charisma to good use by joining with the Ministry of Foreign Relations as an Expeditionary Ambassador. Offically, her duties include establishing and maintaining relations with nations where Marcaria does not have an embassy as well as assisting permanent ambassadors with specific negotiations.

Unoffically, Avita also undertakes clandestine information gathering. Though usually not the one to sneak into a building and steal documents like a regular spy might, she has many other skills she uses in order to learn what she needs to learn. It’s because of these skills that she was chosen to lead the first Outrider team, as she possesses the talents to fulfill both its public mission of improving the image of Commonwealth as well as its private goal of surveying the strengths and weaknesses of its neighbors.


Outwardly a confident and composed young woman, Avita is actually quite insecure about her worth and nervous that others will look down on her as a failure, especially her overbearing mother. She has used these feelings to drive her to the success she has had in her life, yet they still knaw at the back of her mind, threatening to cause a complete breakdown if the right situation presented itself.

She is also insecure regarding men. While she has never been without men who wanted to be with her, she has never had what she would consider a lover. Her mother taught her to use men to get what she wanted from an early age like she had done, but Avita does not feel like that is for her. Seeing what most men of her class, like her brother, usually are after has also frightened her from getting truly close to any man. She dreams of one day meeting someone who does not want to be with her just for money, power or more baser needs, but who will love her for who she really is.

Despite any shortcomings, Avita does have a quick mind and a sharp wit, and is quite comfortable in the company of both royalty and rogues.

Skills and Abilities

Avita’s greatest gift is her natural charisma and charm, something she puts to great use in her work. She is extremely good at negotiation and gathering information, and has been known from time to time to use seduction as a tool when necessary (just how far she has gone in her seductions is unknown). she's also quite streetwise in just about any nation she might be in, and can fit into almost any community at will.

Due to her position within Foreign Relations, she has learned how to take care of herself with a sword and has also been trained in the use of her customized pistol.


Avita probably has the most luggage with her, save for Beatrice. These mostly are made up with different types of clothing, from formal to adventuring to inconspicuous. The rest of her equipment consists of various maps and books, her sword, and her pistol.

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