Avarron Therindonas

Avarron is a young knight of the city state Alrom. His chivalrous attitude has made him a well liked and respected man at the king's court, especially among the ladies.


Author: Tharevoc
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20-something
Date of Birth:
Place of Origin: Windvale, northern Alrom
Currently Located: Alrom
Height: 190 cm
Hair Color: dark with ash-coloured streaks
Eye Color: dark grey
Occupation: Knight-Captain
Nickname(s): Sir Avarron
Appears In: Fate's Foreword


Avarron has dark hair with ash-coloured streaks that almost reach his shoulders. His eyes are of a matching colour. Often, he wears his family heirloom scale mail armour, with his longsword at his side. He is taller than average (190 cm) and has a muscular build from the intensive training as a knight.


Avarron was raised by his father, a knight of little standing. While the family has never lapsed in it's service to the king, the family name is a curse. Rumors relate it to the legendary necromancer Ancro Theryn Donash. The family has always lived in the shadow of this unfortunate coincedence, preferring not to draw too much attention to itself. Of course, this strategy is greatly undermined by Avarron's recent successes as knight and captain. These have made him a prominent figure, and the king invited him to his court. Wisely, Avarron's father told him to never use his last name. As such, he is known as Sir Avarron by all, instead of Sir Therindonas. As a result of a few important successes against the widespread banditry in the kingdom, he has been promoted to the rank of Knight-Captain, which is very unusual for someone of his age.


Avarron is a perfect example of the chivalrous knight, being raised strictly and properly by his father. He is always eager to help, always polite and reserves foul language only for his worst enemies, which he doesn't have. With the mistrust his family name generates, he has learned the value of independance. He has learned not to rely on others and respects men - and women - that can take care of themselves. At the same time, he prefers to see the best in people and often doesn't question motivations.

Skills and Abilities

  • Tactics: Avarron has a talent for battle tactics. So far he only has experience with skirmishes against bandits, limiting his abilities and knowledge. However, he has the potential to become a great commander.
  • Swordplay: Like all knights, he is well trained in combat, with the sword as favoured weapon.

Special Items

  • Family crest: Avarron's family crest portrays a long, curved blade and a round shield with a wheel motif behind it. as is customary, it is attached the left shoulderpad of his armor.
  • Family heirloom armor: A scale mail armor that protects the body, shoulders and upper legs and arms. scale gloves and boots complete the set.

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